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Origami Session
  & Workshops for Adults !

ADULT  Origami Workshops 
Fold  for enjoyment,    Fold gifts,
Fold for  entertaining,
holidays ornaments,
jewelry  party decoration,
weddings & more.

Give a workshop as a gift! 

Plan ahead for your holidays or family events.
Gather  your group together & have  Origami Designs
treat  you to a marvelous 1 to 3 hour experience!
Bring a group as a gift to someone special.

Group Plan  Affordable Rates!
Origami  in Studio Workshopsfor Adults: *    Groups of 3 or less    $7 per person
                                                                                                   Groups of 4 - 8            $5 per person
                                                                                                   Groups or 8 - 12          $3 per person

www.origamidesigns.com       541-274-9092

Session Fees and Details:
- The group number includes everyone who attends -  folders and those who just enjoy the presentation.  
- The fee for your group is due in advance of the session or at the beginng of the work session at the studio.
- Origami Designs supplies the paper and materials for your session.  

-- If you wish special handouts, takeaway bags, or event models for each attendee, this is easily arranged for a small additional fee and makes the session very special.    Groups of 3 or less, 12$ per person, Groups of 4 - 8, $8 per person, and groups of 8 - 12, $5 per person, includes gift bags, instruction handouts, more paper,  & folded models. 

- Workshops  fee for origami on location workshops scheduled at your group, church facility, office, association, home, club, etc. will include a small fee for transportation.   Please inquire about this if your group is not attending to the studio.  

For workshops outside the studio:   
-  If you do not know the number of those attending, Origami Designs has a set fee for groups with approximate            numbers of people attending.  
-  Again,  the fee is due at the beginning of the session or in advance.  
-  A headcount will determine the number of your group at that time.  
-  Walkins, stragglers, or late comers, who add to the groups total, will be asked to pay when they enter.  
-  Late attendees, & stragglers, still enjoy the presentation and even the folding and handouts.

Since the artist supplies all the materials, instructions and handouts, all who attend must be included in the total fee for your group.