Larger views of the front window display for Vroman's Book Store.   Featuring books on Origami visually enhanced with origami by Origami Designs.
Origami designs added traditional models, animals, unit origami & a variety of models representative of the books chosen for the design.  Larger models such as the elephant are still being added as space restrictions will allow.  In the bottom left corner a large foil crane card holder, & one of our poles with hanging cranes.
Below in the center window is a wonderful book of "Underwater Origami".  Origami Designs has recreated and folded the front cover of the book,  in a fascinating 3-D display!  (Of course it was one of the first books sold!)
This is the fulfillment of the "goal" introduce more to the joy of folding, and inspire adults & children alike to fold!
The front window display will be viewable for the months of July and August.  If you are local please check it out.   Check you local bookstore for books on origami and if they don't have  what you're looking for,  ask them for titles and to order more books on Origami and paperfolding. 

Check out the Books  page here at the website, and the extensive online listings of wonderful
books on Origami and PaperFolding. 
See large view of elephant below