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From the desk of "one who folds...."    Every once in a while,  I have to pull up my kimono, wade out into the internet water & surf,  -- I  put down my paper, leave my desk, and venture into the outside world to know ...      "What' s  new?  What's going on in the world of origami?   On this page I'll share what I find with you!  Don't hestitate to email me when you find something fantastic, different, or new in the orgiami world!   There is always something new going on!    
Visitors:   YOU can help me out here.  As you hear of events,  read articles, visit conventions ---  please feel free to email me with information I can include here that is of value to other visitors of origami designs. org.  E-Mail   origamidesigns@hotmail.com
PAPER:  Origami Designs is always on the lookout for paper.  Not just traditional papers I can purchase, but speciality papers.    SEND PAPER! Yes!  Did you ever hear the story of the "lint lady".  An artist who made "pictures, like paintings" the entire scenes done with lint from dryers! She was always on the lookout for different colors of lint.  People from around the country & world sent her lint!
YOU  can send paper.   A special piece of wrapping paper you can't make yourself  throw away.... some piece of designer stationary you found and don't want to toss away.  RECYCLING paper is a good thing!   At ORIGAMI DESIGNS all kinds of papers are recycled and fine their way into beautiful pieces of origami art.  SEND US papers.  Unusual Paper wanted:  Glossy Papers, Advertisement glossy papers, colorful pages from old calendars and greeting cards, colorful pages with outdoor scenes - sunsets, jungle forrests, winter snow scenes, etc.   This I an ongoing request.   8/03  Need more information:  E-Mail  origamidesigns@hotmail.com 
9/03  MATERIALS TO FOLD:   If you haven't heard about metal folding, you will be amazed when you go to see Origamilane!   Don't miss a thing at this website!
http://my.inil.com/~origami/index.htm     (I encountered "trouble" trying to save this page when I linked directly to the Origamilane website.  So I list it here for you to cut and paste, & apologize for the inconvenience. But it is worth the effort!) 
While out there surfing... I found this Poem I wish to share! 12/03

Origami is my Favorite Pastime on Thursdays

      I folded my ditto into a
           and skimmed down
            a dream-blue river.

      I folded my assignment into a
           and whisked it over
            misty violet mountains.

      I folded my homework into a
           and trundled across
            a tear-green valley.

      I smoothed the page
           and wrote this
            poem on it.

This poetry  Copyright ©1999, 2003 by Laura Gjovaag
All rights reserved  This poetry is included with permission of the writer  with the inclusion of the copyright notice on this poem.

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When it comes to teaching and using origami there are some great links online for teachers.   Check out the educational links page for many of these.   Here's an interesting one on  "Polygon Lessons through Origami"
http://lessons.ctaponline.org/~debgriff/    Many of these lessons offered are well planned, well presented, and a wonderful way to make learning fun.   For some students this is their first introduction to origami, in math classes in middle or high school. 
Folding is also the hot way to pack a large object into a small box. Nowhere are the boxes smaller than in space exploration, where big folded things are called deployable objects. Spacecraft need huge solar panels for power and long masts for data collection, but must be launched into space on the back of small, underpowered rockets. The gear needs to be large, strong, ultralight, and then stowed into tiny bins. One extending mast grows from 10 to 200 feet, and was sent into space on NASA's Shuttle Radar Topography Mission -- the "mission to map the world."        http://www.strangehorizon.com/2002/20020311/folding.shtml

I think this is inspiring and I often tell about this example and use of origami in my   Introduction to Origami classes!
From origami to maps to deployable objects, the striking common feature is the sheer complexity of folding. Trying to understand the possibilities remains an intractible problem, even in shockingly simple cases like the map with nine squares. Yet the complexity is what makes folding powerful: understand how to fold, and you can cram a 200 foot mast into a 10 foot box, or smush a stormproof shelter into the trunk of your car.

When I carry my laptop into class situations, I have this page readily available for viewing.   Students are not only impressed but it open's their minds to the possibilities.
Origami - real life solutions and uses of this artform!!!. 
I love to share with classes and students what's new about the uses of origami in our high tech modern world... For Instance:  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/3301947.stm
Origami help for tech design       Origami - the Japanese art of folding paper to make models - is being put to a new use - to help engineers design, amongst other things, new telescopes and cars.      Exploiting the study of the way that paper folds, known as computational origami, can reveal both better ways to construct objects and also predict how they will respond to certain pressures.

Air Bag Art  "If you're talking about furling and unfurling a sheet of something, or having a machine accomplish the re-shaping of a flat form - whether it's a ribbon or so forth - you've got to have some kind of practical knowledge about folded things.
In Japan, scientists are using computational origami to design better crumple zones on cars.
Origami Software
Just  surfing.   I stumbled across this interesting page of Origami software!!!!
Bad Origami - I'm not sure what to say about this site:  Buy T-shirts, mug, & more
Have you ever thought to make your own string of origami lights!   check it out,  directions included at the site!! 
See More about La Fosse and his origami work and BATS  including the Happy "Bat Video!!!
DO You LOVE Cartoons?  Check out this FABULOUS origami!!!
ROO Who?  Kangaroo Pegasus!  See this!
Making things from paper is a craft that Japanese people have long excelled at and a hobby that brings pleasure to many. Origami is a traditional Japanese pastime where a single square of paper is folded in different ways to create shapes like cute animals. Today's paper crafts, though, have gone far beyond the level of simple origami and include some exceptionally detailed works. The Internet and personal computers have made it possible for all kinds of people to enjoy this activity, raising the profile of paper crafts among both young and old. (There is more, this is a good read!!)       You'll want to check this out!  http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/global/entertainment/papercraft/index.html  free patterns to print and make!!! 

I've bookmarked a number of FINE sites on   Origami Architecture... E-Mail me for a listing.  origamidesigns@earthlink.net
SUCCESS of displays... ALL the books  on origami are checked out! More books are on hold for next month!!!
When the entire main library was full of the International Exhibit of Origami by Origami Designs, Jan 2005,   the INTEREST is evident!  This is the goal, to get more people interested in folding, to share the art and the benefits to all folders of all ages!!   SUCCESS!  Part of the exhibit was held over and on display for the entire month of February 2005
What does an Avalon have to do with origami?
FEBRUARY 2005 Shown on the West Coast TV  is a new car commercial and running along side that car in the COMMERCIAL is   an ORIGAMI RABBIT Model made of newspaper!!!    ORIGAMI In ADVERTISING!!!
National AD in TIME magazine...McDonalds
uses origami in the a full color full page AD
for chicken!    LOOK FOR THE ORIGAMI CHICKEN  folded from their packaging!!
If you spot more origami in "real life"
E-Mail and let us know!
LATE NIGHT ORIGAMI FOLDING - Origami Designs works late into the night folding... watching TV  WHAT do I see?   ORIGAMI in the TV show!!!    Imagine my surprise... but maybe not!   *S* Jan 2005
Ranger  !
Click to see full AD
Origami in Advertising
Japanese Ad with Origami
Good Instructions for Traditional models!
Check them out!
< --Looking for that story I told in class about the Space Shuttle? Click the Origami in Space link
Looking for Origami Software Click on CD.
Check it out
Unbelievable but real!!
Great stuff !!
Origami transforming in 30Sec Commercial
In advertising...!!
What is.... ?
Origami and Escher?
I do you, perhaps you would like to try it!
Personalized Fish
Great Models and Photos!!
TV, Movies, Ads, Radio
Anderson folds on Larry King Live
Oritsunagumono by Takayuki Hori
Star Trek and Star Wars Origami
WALL E  Origami
And then's there Steel Origami