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TIPS   FOR   FOLDERS!  From Barbara
For beginners or new models these tips are very helpful.
You will find many origami websites  presenting the same or similar tips.  I can confirm their value, from years of folding and teaching myself! 

These tips will make learning and folding easier!!

1.  IF you can start learning with good paper: origami papers or "not" stiff papers, or "not flimsy" papers.    Later you will fold everything!  Your fingers will thank you and you will not suffer some frustrations when making your creases!

2.  Paper Size: I want to add a note about paper  and size.  Many wonderful origami papers can be purchased online (EBay, Amazon, etc) and colors and patterns in the 6X6 size.   For Beginners I suggest using origami papers and at least the 6X6" size.  If you have or can get the origami paper in the 8" or 10 - 12" size for new models you will find it very helpful!  It is easier to leave the folding with a larger square.   Paper colored on one size will show the creases better and help when reading instructions from book and online!   For children especially the wrong paper, too small a size can be frustrating and ruin the first folding experiences. 

3.  Creases are origami! !  Fold your creases carefully and very well.   Fold and flatten your creases well.  This helps so much in the next step, and the folding all along the way with your models.    Use your finger, your fingernail, or yes a folding tool if that helps.    I do encourage new folds to learn to make nice creases without using tools!        Only time you don't crease flat or well, is if the instructions OR instructor tells you not to do it!   Remember creases too strongly might even damage your paper!

4.  READ the instructions!  Yes,  it really is helpful and important to read and follow the instruction.  Folding  is a process, and sequence of the process.   The instructions were probably written carefully by a practiced folder.    Until you have folded lots there is a reason why the folds are done in the direction stated, and in the order stated!!  Some models can be folded in a different sequence or with an added or deleted fold, but not until you are an experienced folder!   NOT following the instructions can make it difficult or nearly impossible to get the model you see pictured with the nice look you see!

5. Take your time and be patient with yourself. Origami can be very relaxing, and fun, and yes exciting!   For beginners, for the very young or older folders,   time is important.   Don't feel the need to fold quickly or perform quickly to follow a folder who is teaching you in person. Take your time on first models always!  Learning how to manage the paper is fun.  Learning how to move your fingers is not difficult -  and  it's a process!   Good creasing, means he paper is going to help you in the folding!    Look at the instructions, or the teachers' model.  Look ahead to the steps in the book and what the model looks like in the next step.  That is very helpful.  And remember for all of us our first new models are not always perfect.  Practice in origami is a key as in many fun and artist activities in life!

If you are having trouble, stop, relax, even put it down for a little while and come back to your folding and the model!    Enjoy origami folding!