.TEEN  Event - 6/25
LOCATION MAIN LIBRARY     126 South Third Street   Klamath Falls, OR 97601      

The Klamath County Library downtown is hosting a science-themed summer reading program for teens titled Spark A Reaction. The program begins Wednesday, June 25th at 1:30pm with an origami art project led by artist Barbara Turner.

Origami works by Barbara Turner are on display at the main library through the month of June. Barbara has donated 1000's of hours of origami work with children and adults in schools, classrooms, libraries, retirement homes, hospitals, and other institutions of learning. She has attended conventions and conferences for origami and sat in on folding classes with established masters in the origami world of art.  Her studio is a place of tranquil art work, joyous and lively interaction with classes and groups, and private individual instruction or consulting. 

Barbara hosted the International Peace Tree Festival for Origami in 2004 and has done extensive window displays and library displays with her work.  She has folded for TV and for film, and consulted on folding for props.  She has folded for major corporations - Corbis, Blackberry, and X-Box. Ms. Turner uses origami in her motivational seminars. Her aim is to continue educating, sharing with origami, and expounding the benefits of origami in education, health industry, science and medicine and with seniors and the autistic.