The client wanted a sunflower arrangement and chose to go with "origami sunflowers." 
They will last forever.
  The goal was to bring the sunshine of this native American flower to the recipient.  ....and to bring a smile to the face of the person getting this arrangement. 

The Asian takeout food container of washable hard plastic in a flower pattern was ideal for these sunflowers.

Floral foam holds the sunflowers securely in place, but the flowers can be removed and arranged in the tumbler or the little metal hanging tin decorated with a sunflower seed packet label.    Yellow bendable ribbons, dress up the arrangement.

Flowers have floral wire stems (that can be cut for arranging) with leaves and sunflower approriate attached parts.  Two different sunflowers are in the arrangement.  Local florists offer four different colors of sunflowers, so along with the yellows, Origami Designs, put in the green and the orange sunflowers!

custom envelope was folded from a hard plastic sunflower pattern placemat. Cut to square it was origami folded to make a permanent envelope that can be hung later for decoration. It is enhanced with a fiber sunflower blossom (hidden by the note in this  photo)   Included is a special smaller origami folded envelop with the personal message of the sender!  Origami Designs will include your requested message!  Also included are instructions for arranging, and caring for the origami flowers, & suggestions for using the other containers with the sunflowers. 

Each flower starts with a square piece of paper.    There are many folds in each of these flowers.   Why origami?   Perhaps the person getting the bouquet is a folder, or appreciates art or paper art.   For sure these sunflowers will not die, and the gifter chose them specially to give someone a big, bright smile.  

Origami Designs folds the flowers and then arranges them in a design fashion that
is fun to have and  to display.
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