North Entrance South Display Case Pasadena, CA Central Library 2003
Details and descriptions due here soon... Thanks for your patience 2/27
South Center Display:  It was difficult to choose which hanging items I would include in the display.  I find that grouping origami & hanging it, is an ideal way to show off this artform. To the right you will see traditional cranes.  Also included are two open frame units, (one 12 unit assembly, & 1 open frame with bow-tie motif.) Each of these has another item of origami suspended inside!  There is a pinwheel cube 6-unit, & a simple sonobe 6-unit assembly, and the hanging colorful 40 unit with blue tassel.
There are two items called Kusudama ("medicine balls" or decorative balls)  Luminous & Neptune (from the Kusudama book on the display South Right)   I would like to have included more  items, but space was limited.

On the shelf below I  laid out some of the more colorfull examples of pre-made origami papers.  On top of these are scattered individual pieces of origami that if assembled correctly, would result in the 40 unit ball hanging above!  There are many tiny cranes below -  each one could sit on a dime. 
It is more difficult to fold an item from smaller papers.  In the center on the shelf I fanned out a stack of multicolor foils papers that are popular for origami folders. 

The sea of tiny cranes beneath seemed to be flowing below the hanging items and was an interesting visual contrast. 
With only a few exceptions, the tassels on my "Origami Designs" are all hand made.  To the left: below the shelf  - "sea of cranes" was an assortment of origami jewelry - earrings, and pins.  (Details photos will be forthcoming)

On the right of this shelf, is an example of "flat folding" that is gaining in popularity around the world. The instructions were sent to me by Hungarian folders!

In the center I included a sample of the ceremonial cranes from designer papers & foil,  as mounted on handpainted stakes for flower arrangements & table decorations. 
If you look very carefully above on the left you will see where I hung a pair of origami crane earrings (made from a lovely black and gold paper)... and on the right, a pair of elegant origami butterfly earrings.   I will photograph these earrings closeup and the pins from the display & post those photos here as soon as I am able.  (2/27/03)
I have added this photo to the left specifically to show how one could view the display from behind and still see through to the display on the other side of the isle.

These are exceptional photos taken by a talented photographer with no special lighting  or arrangements for such an endeavor... as photographing an exhibit behind glass, with patrons walking about the display continually is no doubt a challenge!  

This photo also show closeup the unit pieces. 
If folded correctly, once assembled the origami "holds itself together"!  There is no glue or tape involved here!

You can also see the wonderful array of papers available for the origamist to fold.
Many of these are available for order from suppliers online!

In the red, kusudama ball to the right of the cranes, I used a mylar wrapping paper for some of the pieces.  It produced a wonderful effect when the ball was finished. 

The hanging strings of cranes were from the linen papers (red) and lovely pastel origami papers.