North Right Case Display, Pasadena CA Central Library   2003
On the right above top shelf: 
For educators  - instructions for the
"Birds in Thirds" math lesson, and a comprehensive listing of the benefits of folding origami, for children, adults, students, artists, etc.

On this high shelf, at adult eye level  a listing of how origami is used in education from elementary school to college math and architectural classes!                  
The book Educational Origami is especially for simple models and those just beginning to fold.    A nice butterfly model is hanging above..
In the center shelf middle right: is a special display about Sadako & the Story of the Thousand Cranes.  Also shown are  photos of the cranes sent to NY city after 9/11. The story of the Peace Crane, the Film, & CD from the Sadako Film Project from Informed Democrary are included here & below. Included on this shelf was an explanation of the Senbazuru and connected cranes, all from one piece of paper.  Of special interest, is a photo & details of the Origami Trees now displayed & decorated by the
Natural Museum of History in New York
each December.   Red, white & blue cranes are mounted on a traditional base for display with this shelf of "peace"  origami.
These glass display cases at the library were ideal for this kind of "art exhibit" because the visitors passing by both sides of the display could see, and even take the time to stand & read the information added to this exhibit.        And both the front and backs of book are then visible. (Sadako & The Thousand Paper Craner, by Eleanor Coerr)

I attempted to make as much information available as possible, in the display about the art form. who folds, what people in other countries are folding etc..  Especially I wanted to make known the story of Sadako and the efforts for "peace" often associated with the traditional origami crane.   

The handing item is made from one piece of paper and is nine connected cranes!  Look up Senbazuru online or here at my site.
Below on the bottom right side: 
Christmas Origami,  Chiyo Araki as seen on the bottom of the display, offers folders a host of items to fold for the holidays. 
On display here I added my own design of ceremonial snow cranes as package decorations. The red foil ceremonial crane, and two special stars  and a hanging ornament from Origami Designs.
I had room here to  add more text listing the benefits of folding. 

Special to this case was the addition of the Video & CD from Informed Democrary about Sadako & The Thousand Paper Cranes