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Established  in  2003  by  Origami Designs
The value of the arts to the lives of all peoples, all cultures, is evident since the earliest days of mankind upon this planet.  Origami Designs.org  exists specifically to  share the benefits, the educational advantages, news & updates, in the world of origami in education & origami as art.

Origami Designs.com wishes to promote the artform, by sharing here on the website and in person through volunteer work,  classes, lectures, & training sessions -  in the schools & community centers, retirement facilities & other institutions that want to share in the art &  the learning.
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                             ww.origamidesigns.org was estabished by Origami Designs in 2003.
  In 2008 OrigamiDesigns.com moved to the new location & studio in Oregon, USA
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Origami Designs.som is anxious to being the process to file and secure status for origamidesigns.org as a California Tax-Exempt Non-Profit 501 (3) (c) origanization.

This is especially important for growth and giving.  Origami Designs.com has been financially supporting all efforts of free teaching, school workshops for students and teachers alike, special work with seniors and others.  This is the intent and direction of origamidesigns.org  and is separate from Origami Designs.com

As an artist, I am limited in what I can donate due to financial contraints.  Donors and those wishing to give to Origami Designs.org will be able to give and know that these monetary gift donations, are  tax-deductible and charitable contributions.  In addition I will have more to give.   I can accept and donate more of my time, and skills to schools and organizations that are so deserving and requesting my programs.  Paper and supplies are welcome donated as well even now, but you cannot use it as a deduction.  

Gift givers to origamidesigns.org, whether your gift is money, or paper and supplies, -- you will know that ALL is strictly  used only for these seminars, demonstrations, workshops, and activites that go to schools and facilities that cannot afford these programs any other way.    Donors can request and receive updates on these activites.  

     The ORG website was  established   8/2003.  
      All photos and logos are the copyright property of Origami Designs and cannot be used, copied,  or altered and published elsewhere without the express permission of Origami Designs.  

     Volunteer work, classes, & services, offered by Origami Designs have been done so and funded by limited resources taken from  from Origami Designs funds donated for this purpose,  or from donations to Origami Designs for this purpose. 

     When Origami Designs goes into schools & classrooms free of charge,  we absorb the costs of all the supplies and materials. 
     It is through the help & concern of the private sector and generous donations from those who know the benefits of the arts in education, that more art, music, dance, theater, and the like is available to our children and adult at public and community educational facilities.  
     If you would like to donate to help pay for the materials, please contact: OrigamiDesigns/com  at our e-mail address & request more information.    

If you would like to be notified when we secure the Non-Profit status, let us know to put you on that mailing list.       

If you would like to donate to help with the  filing and securing this status, please email us.
Thank You. 
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Just under construction today!   ... links for  Origami - Education,  Science, Math and the joys and benefits of using origami with learning!

Teachers, educators, tutors, volunteers,  artists -  if you are looking for more information on origami & using origami art in the educational, healh, and other fields of interest, I hope the postings here will be of help.   If one link is not  exactly what you were looking to find, it might lead to another website that will!
Origami Works
Visit this website
to see the results of a proven program!
Origami Usage in
Hospitals, Schools
Speech Therapy,
Rehab,  Listings here.
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A good overview, history and about origami: 
Here is a wonderful offering from a dedicated teacher  Jessica Lee and her classroom students.
They started at the website and then found this most wonderful resource to share with other visitors to OrigamiDesigns.org!   A great Thank You to Jessica and her students for there great efforts and find!   Check it out!  Paper Airplane Resources for everyone!!!
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