Origami Designs January 2003 Display at Pasadena, CA Central Library
Top Left:
Unit Origami by Tomoko Fuse
An excellent book on unit or modular origami.  The hanging item is an example from this book.
On the right examples of origami art and items used in current advertising campaigns.  Whether on TV, in print, or even a restaurant placemat  with folding instructions... origami is used effectively in advertising.   Even the cup, is represented here.  One of the easiest & most recognized origami folds, the cup is still taught to the military and boyscouts alike. 
At Left:  Fabulous Origami Boxes  Tomoko Fuse  Known by origamists as the fabulous designer of boxes...  Models are included from this book, nestled boxes, or filled with candy, gift boxes and decorative boxes for party favors.. and the equisite  boxes with surprises.
Displays were arranged so as to offer something to see from both sides of a display.   Included  text of origami sites online.      At the front of text display is the tiny computer with the teeny tiny folded blue crane onto of the monitory!
At left:  Origami Made Easy  Kasahara is a great book for "fun" folding as well as educational uses.  It included models of simple to more complex origami art. 
In this shelf down at the eye level for children visiting the library, I was careful to include models that were colorful, fun, intriguing or easily recognizable.  Fish, seahorses, crabs, shrimp, scotty dog, birds, the crane and flapping crane.
Visible from both sides of the isle,  it did make it difficult to photograph the display with so much glass!