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All photos of money origami roses are Origami Designs money origami roses. Copyright to Origami Designs 2000 - 2015 and my not be used, published, copied, altered, or borrowed for publication, elsewhere without the express written permission of Origami Designs. 
Money Origami Roses   &    Money Origami
Money offerings  from Origami Designs,  is the money bouquet with  1/2 dozen money roses, or  one dozen money roses.  The bouquet  includes  white  fiber  flowers like  faux  babysbreath  or  similar.        Colored ribbon and  tissue paper wrappihg is included.

Roses are shipped ready for you to put in vase.  Roses are packed in tissue paper with colored  ribbon for nice presentation on arrival.  Please be aware that the package is shipped with tracking to an address where a required signature can be obtained upon delivery.  Their is no return and no refund on money bouquets.   Origami Designs does not sell money and charges for the labor to fold the US currency you pay for in the order.   Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for the order to be completed and shipped.  There may be  a rush fee of $50 for order requests sooner than that, by arrangement, if Origami Designs can compete the rush order.
Cost  for 1/2  dozen bouquet: includes US currency, labor, shipping & insurance
The  US currency in each bouquet is $30.00.    Total cost: $155.00

Cost for the one dozen bouquet:  includes US Currency ($60.00), labor, shipping & Insurance.   Total Cost:  $260.00 (labor/finished roses)    Shipping is an addition to this cost, quoted on zip code to you. 

All  orders  on contingent  on  you supplying the  clean NEW  US currency plus labor and shipping cost up  front  by  agreement in advance with    Rush orders add $50 to the total: see explanation and timeframe in green above.

To order:  email your choice request to
A PayPal money request  or invoice for the total will be sent to your email address.
You do NOT need to join or have a PayPal account.
You can use debit or credit cards with safety.
You will give shipping information when placing the order.
You will receive a prompt confirmation of your order upon payment.
Work on your order commences upon verified payment. 
Normal time to ship is 2 to 3 weeks unless otherwise arranged for your order.
Normal US shipping,  Alaska & Hawaii shipping is twice the cost, pls email to onfirm.

OrigamiDesigns made  money bouquets, leis, butterflies  & heart arrangements.  Recently  it is  increasingly  more  difficult  to  "get  new money"  from the banks in the US.   OrigamiDesigns has stopped  offering  these  items.  The  works  are  beautiful  but labor intensive.   I  you are will to  "get the new  money, " and willing  to pay for labor  to assemble  one of  these  design, please  feel  free to inquire by email  -  to determine if I can make your bouquet or order, in time for your due date and delivery.     An arrangenment  requires  2 to 3 weeks in  advance to  order, and  ship to delivery time..  This  requires that I have, in hand, the  new money  from  you to start  the order.

Try  Pinterest and see how  to make  these  yourself.

A  lovely   Christmas  Holiday Centerpiece over 24" long.   Features the  same lovely look from both sides of the arrangement.     Pictured here on a holiday
fabric mat, holly and poinsettias added at clients
Money  hearts  in with roses
"..... I love the roses, butterflies and hearts.  You have done a wonderful job on the cards...I love the way you have make a heart into the card...very creative.   I hope to do business again in the future.  Thanks again for all your have made my wedding favors special"  JG  Maryland
LABOR COST FOR 1/2 DOZ = $80.00       LABOR  FOR  1  DOZ  = $150     You  can pick  the  amount of  currency  you wish  included in the  bouquet, I'll add  shipping  and  call or  email  the  total   cost to  you  for  approval.   
If  OrigamiDesigns   agrees  to take
your order  and you  send the "new US currency"  and  agree to the order  total  cost,  the terms  will be as  below: