A Special Bouquet

Origami Design flowers: iris, tulips, petal flowers, sunflowers, whimsical flowers, star flowers, -  with beads, leaves, & decorations.

Choose vase or
Container  or
Origami Paper Vase
Asian Takeout food box, plain or holiday box.  A small glass vase is available .  
Leaves may be fiber, paper, or a combination of both. 

Please allow 4 to six weeks for this custom bouquet.  We have to "grow" our own origami flowers after you place a custom order.

Time to finish & ship your order depends on our work schedule, we do not keep finished bouquets in stock.  They are folded by the origami artist when the order is placed.

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This bouquet $135.00

Your Origami Designs Bouquet  is   a work of art, just as if you commissioned   a  piece  of   floral   artwork!

An Origami Design Bouquet last for years with proper care - a little dusting.  It is a unique gift,  or addition to a  home or office.  These flowers live forever!

DETAILS  about   our  custom  floral bouquets and centerpieces at Origami Designs

First Step:   Ready to order? click the Buy Now button on this page to pay by Credit or Debit card. 

If you wish to pay by cashiers check or money order   Send money order or cashiers check made out to Origami Designs to the address below.    

Next Step:  When Origami Designs receives notice of -  or receives your payment (online through PayPal, or your payment by mail.  we start processing & making your  bouquet.  Please NOTE:  We do not start work on your Origami Bouquet until full payment is received.

Next Step:  Origami Designs will send you an email (provided you included a viable email address to us , with your order ) to let you know when your bouquet has shipped.   
Origami   Designs.com    Floral Bouquets    and Centerpieces,  especially custom arrangements are works of art.   We put a lot of time and effort into making a bouquet that you will be pleased to own.

Please remember that we have to individually make or choose the papers &  embellishments to make your special bouquet.    It takes hours of careful attention to fold origami flowers that are pleasing to eye.     Consider that it will take us some weeks to complete & arrangement & more time to ship & deliver to you. 

Rush orders are sometimes possible but must be arranged by phone or email & are at a higher cost.   We will not accept a rush order if we feel we cannot complete & ship your arrangment by the time you need it, but we make every effort when possible to meets the needs of our clients. 

Contact :   E-MAIL at  barbarat@origamidesigns.com        or by phone

626-676-8134  PST 11am -  8pm 7days a week
(Please feel free to leave a voicemail message if there is no answer. We will get back to you as quickly as possible) 

Mail your money order or cashiers check to  Origami Designs, #139    3255 Washburn Way, Klamath Falls, OR   97603