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My personal bookmarks for origami are in the 100's, from models, to book, to reviews, to blogs, events, origami personalities, education, math, uses, decorating, advertising & origami, the unusual.   All this can be ordered on a CD but here is a start:    
Sadako - And The Thousand Paper Cranes
   Award Winning Video Based on the Book    
   Cranes for Peace 
   World Peace Project for Children. Sakado Song Story 
Origami Websites - 
(just a few...)

Eric Joisel   & In Memoriam

Joseph Wu Origami
Origami Heaven, David Mitchell's Site
Dave's Origami Emporium 
Origami Design   
Robert Lang Origami      
Krystyna Burczyk's Origami Gallery  
Malachi's Origami Pictures   
Sarah's Origami Gallery    
Sy's Page       
David's Origami Gallery   
Dr. Steve O'Hanlon's Origami Page     
Ken Blackburn, Paper !   
Florence Temko,   
Francis Ow's Origami    
Charles Esseltine's Origami  
Carlos Genova      
Cattail's Origami Webpages  
MM's Modular Origami!     
Leong Cheng Chit     
Ronald Koh's Gallery     
Sebastian Kirsch 
Origami Fantazie        
The Zing Man Gallery 
John's Origami Website      
Russell Sutherland - The Lone Folder -
Anita's Origami               
Gary Meta   
Zing Man  Origami    
Paul Sobczaks Origami Page   
Shaya's Origami Gallery  
Chris Alexander StarWars Origami      
Instructions: Diagrams
Origami Help for Beginners   
Origami in Education: 
Why is Origami so good for you?
Origami & Math   
The Geometry Junkyard   
Teaching Math Through Origami         
Birds in Thirds    
Strategies for any models           
Origami & Mental Health Therapy - George Ho   
Origami In Therapy  

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History of Origami:
Hiden Senbazuru Orikata     
The History of Origami In Japan
Search for Origami Models
About Origami ! Appeal
Current Folders
Modular Origami
Photos, Icons,  & Gifs used,  are linked back to the site of Origin.  

Please do not Copy these without linking them to the site or without permission from their creators.  ThankYou
Diagrams On Go to Diagrams it's origami heaven!     .
Folds.Net   Gallery, Diagrams, & Links    
Anita's Origami,  Wonderful Listing & Diagrams    
Centro Diffusione  Origami   
Andrea's  Origami           
Origami Diagrams       
Steve O'Hanlon's Origami Page 
Tammy Yee's Origami   
Sbírka diagram      
Fly Over The Garden      
Meenakshi Mukhopadhyay  Modulars & Cubes  
Galleria di origami       

This page was last updated on: March 27, 2021
The Peace Tree Project
 Click here  See Models
from around the world. Fabulous Origami
Ella's Party Page
Lots of Sites & ideas!!
Some Fun 3D origami  
Unit Dragon Easy!
 Personal Favorites to Watch:

Unique & Wonderful
Hitomi, has a new Website since her return to Japan from America.
A talented folder, innovative artist, her giftwrapping is unsurpassed!
If you are in Japan, find her to see or purchase her exceptional work. We have nothing like this in America.  A dear and talented friend of Origami Designs, we miss her and await her return to the States.
Visit the New Location
If you are in Southern California in the LA area, I highly recommend a visit to Yoshino Japanese Antiques.  It is a most enjoyable journey to the Japan of yesterday.  Whether you are  just looking, or looking for something in particular, your visit here is worth the time. Yoshino ships nationwide, & service is the best!  
under "buy" type
Go toAmazon
type in Books,
Associations - Main
A talented & interesting young artist, G. Hacer thinks big & bold.  His sculpture is impressive & Origami Designs will watch this one!  Origami Designs has recently added a sculpture by Mr Hacer to our "collection".  It will reside in our new studio.     
PixieGirl Origami
PAPERS!  Origami Designs recommends this one!
PAPERS - This store include acid-free papers.
Looking for Japanese pieces that are perhaps not antiques but of a quality and style that is special.  There service is special. If you have problems accessing the website keep trying.  Origami Designs has added a piece to our studio.  
Origami Artist Bruce Keller  takes his fascination for Origami to a new level in art!  Visit this site to see the beauty of the origami lines transformed in metal sculpture of truly impressive quality.  Origami Designs is really pleased to have our first crane by Mr. Keller    Photo from Mr. Kellers Website.  
Bruce Keller
My  personal list of bookmarked favorite origami
websites by folders, 
& their galleries,
numbers  254 so far.    

I have spent hours online gathering these listings and cannot list them all here.      I do offer a CD with these links, for a fee that covers the cost of burning and shipping the CD's.  Please inquire by email.    Or try the green Models Listings at the left to start your own search.

I do my best when creating these links they all work.  Occassionally a website will be down, not working for a time, or have been relocated.  Please try them again at another time or type them directly into your browser.  Thank You. 
I have literally 100's of websites & pages of origami instructions bookmarked. I shall add more here as time permits.    
Origami & Education... using origami in the classroom is of special interest to me.  I will be updating this section with an entire page in          the near future. 
Software & Kits Etc.
See Also the Supplies Page
Yasutomo & Company.   

Think of It Kits   

Fold It Video DVD  

Origamido  Has a new assortment!  

Hawaiian Origami Leis  (Amazon) 
13 GREAT DVD's to
choose from!
Max Kitano is an artist specializing in hand-crafted sugar creations.  His sugar works are very original & unique. At a glance, their appearance is reminiscent of stained/crystal glass with prismatic reflections ! Amazingly, they are made entirely of sugar - hard candy - undetectable as sugar until discovery ! I highly recommend his work! His packaging is superb. his pieces beautiful!!!   Check out this marvelous website  
Mikes  Origami.
Here I Am!
Find Origami Designs
at the best 30Miles 
Anywhere!  Come & Visit!
Good article about Origami History & more
Origami in our world today & links to History
Akira Yoshizawa   
A special place to find some exception items of Japanese Tansu, Furniture and Antiques.  I can personally recommend going to the website for a look around.  They ship and are exceptional  with packing and accommodating buyers.  Visit the website to experience these special items.
From Jessica Lee's Classroom
and students.  Special thanks to
them all for finding this special
addition of valuable links on
Paper Airplanes & Resources!!!

Learn Origami - good  place with  great  links