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Pasadena, California
Central Library    January 2003
This exhibit - display was available for viewing by the public & patrons of the main library in Pasadena, California.     My desire was to acquaint, educate, and share the beauty  & diversity of the art of origami.
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North Entrance North Left.
North Entrance North Center.
North Entrance North Right
This Display is actually two large glass cases.  Each case had three compartments, and each compartment has two or three shelves.  The cases are on the north and south side of the corridor that is the main North Entrance of the Library. 
CLICK on links above photos  at left to view up close and larger photos of details of the south display case shelves.
North Entrance South Side Display Cases   Origami Designs 2003
      The display was designed to have "something" for everyone to see - for small  children to adults, for the beginner to the advanced folder, for those who want to fold  for fun, to those who teach or use origami in the medical professions.

Selected displays are also intended to enourage library patrons to use the resources available at the library to explore the topic.   I used all my own books in the display, but viewers were encouraged to use the books & computers at the library to learn more about the art of origami. 
Everything in the display is from my own personal folding and collection of origami and materials.   Some items I folded special for this display and still I did not have room to display as much as I would like.  But it covered a broad representation of the wonders of the art of origami and was a big success for the library.   Every origami book was checked out by the end of the first week of the display.          Watching the visitors to the library read and see the display was a treat and made this endeavor a very rewarding experience for me as an artist.
Origami Designs wishes to thank John G. Blair for the photos seen here. All photos of the library display (with the exception of the photo at left) were taken by John Blair & are copyright to jgblairphoto.com.
Origami Designs wishes to thank the Pasadena Central Library for the display space & their assistance to make this endeavor possible.  Special thanks to W R Hodgkinson for the above photo, & his invaluable assistance with the details of setup for such an extensive display. 
This particular display was designed solely by Origami Designs to share & education the public about the art of Origami.  All elements of the art display are the sole property and ownership of Origami Designs.  If you have questions regarding the display or wish to inquire about hosting a similar display from Origami Designs, please feel free to contact us by E-Mail.  Thank You. 
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Copyright to W.R.Hodgkinson