When I first found this background, I thought Wow!  I should print this out on paper and fold it!
Am I ok?  Sure, healthy as can be, it's normal for me to want to fold a pretty paper! 

Health  &  Origami...
My very first "connection".... I took an origami gift to a friend in the hospital to hang near the bed. At the time I don't remember if I even knew the story of Sadako.   What I did know was this:  The hospital let the origami gift stay in the room long after they asked that flowers be removed!  The origami was bright, cheerful, quiet, and clean enough!
For anyone with questions, thoughts, or looking for information on the use of origami in the medical and health related fields a great website to start is George's:.Origami and Mental Health Therapy
Check out this page on PEOPLE and their involvement and experiences with origami (this also at George's site:  Read first hand of their experiences!
I have found other references to origami used in clinics and hospitals.   I will post them here as I find them:   

I might also post my own experiences and impressions of origami in the hospital setting. 
On a personal note:   I have seen a gift  origami given to a child, adult or elderly person, bring a smile to the face and heart!   It has long been known that laughter "if not the best medicine" is certainly a health benefit to all!  
I have seen my little folded models quiet a fussy child, and  brighten a moment for someone sad, or lost, or emotionally distraught.    That gives back a gift to the folder.  It is a very special thing.       OrigamiDesigns