Origami Designs does offer gift baskets!

We have the *Origami Gift Baskets in a small and
size.  The Basket is decorated with some permanently attached origami, and includes a selection of:
         origami folding papers
         book on folding origami
         folded origami models
         and origami related "surprises!
Order the Small:  $50.00   or

       Order the Large:  $100.00

Our third basket offering is an
Empty Basket      $25.00
(Decorated with origami
flowers and birds) 

Shipping/Handling & any tax is included in the final total at checkout.
The Basket is wrapped closed with ribbon but with see-through colored celophane for a lovely presentation. 

*If you wish to have your basket customized for a child, male, female,
baby or graduation or holiday theme, please email us to discuss and arrange your basket.

*Origami gift baskets contain papers and origami related items & can be decorated with appropriate theme origami.  
Origami Gift Basket at the left is not yet
wrapped for gift giving -  so you can see
the contents.  

The basket is wrapped in seasonal appropriate, or theme appropriate colored celophane with tied ribbon for the final presentation or  shipment to you! 

Please indicate when ordering if your basket is to be a gift to a child.
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Gifts Baskets are a great way to introduce anyone, of any age to origami!
Surprise Someone
     with  an
Origami Gift Basket
  Birthday, Get Well,
BonVoyage, ThankYou,
Welcome, Gift Giving