Pastel Linen Papers used for Pastel Hanging Cranes in 6 to 12.  
Hanging strings of cranes  can
be ordered
in colors, solids, prints or linens and each is individual.
Order strings in pastels, blues, reds, black prints, purples, or greens. 
A string of these in the traditional blues & textile patterns are so very "Japanese" and stunning.
More pastel like, more tranquil colors.  Traditional Japanese patterns.  We add special beads & tassels.
Samples of Blue Print Linen Papers used in single,
6 or 12 String Hanging Crane Items.
Pastel Linen Papers used for Pastel Hanging Cranes in 6 to 12.  
Hanging strings of cranes  can
be ordered
in colors, solids, prints or linens and each is individual.
Order strings in pastels, blues, reds, black prints, purples, or greens. 
These tradition origami papers are of the highest quality. They make unique gifts for male and female alike!
Strings of hanging cranes on natural 5' or 6' bamboo poles.   These are beautiful indoors, or on patio or porch, - even in the garden as decoration.   
Crane strings can be ordered on natural or green bamboo poles.
Bone,Glass, Enamel...beads are hand picked for your origami crane decoration.
Designer bamboo poles with multi-strings of  bright colored origami cranes!
Origami Designs Christmas          Tree Decorations
Stunning Gold Foil Decorations in Origami !
Winter Wonderland White Tree
Mu;ti Colored Origami Cranes, Peacocks, Fans & More...!
Elegant Tree in Silver
Foil Origami, Shiny &
Red Foils & Red papers combine on a very  Christmas like tree.  The effect in real life with lights,  is beautiful to see !
People tell us they get more comments & compliments on their origami bouquets, whether cranes or flowers!
We will ship cranes on skewers for your table decorations...
Ceremonial Cranes in Thanksgiving colors for your  table centerpieces or Holiday decorating,  below.
These white origami cranes are dusted with snow white & irredescent glitter.   They are ideal for winter decorations,  weddings, anniversaries and "peace" themes using origami.   Lower right is a silver foil.
Single Hanging Cranes.  Folded from the finest traditional Japanese designed origami linen papers,  specialty papers,  & custom papers.   Handfolded,  with designer glass & crystal beads,  & handmade tassels,  compliment each crane.  All have rings for hanging.   Each crane comes individually gift boxed with the story of the crane, instructions for care of origami, & designer tags,  which authenticate  them as cranes by Origami Designs
Origami Designs 
Ask for Kanji paper crane. These are really unique
Purple origami patterned papers are few. But the cranes are most special. A purple tassel & purple crystal beads finish it nicely.
Bright & traditional red linen papers are always beautiful.
Each of our "designer" cranes are carefully folded, and have handmade tassels &  stunning beads as decoration.
Our tree with multicolored origami models is very beautiful in reallife.
Gold foil origami, gold glitter floral additions, and gold pinecones make a stunning tree!
You can also see our origami decorated trees on our holiday page.
Red origami, red Christmas flowers, & additional red glitter pinecones make this special
A tree done in silver foil orgami with additional decorations is stunning.
These are "giant" Lilly blossoms folded from 10X10inch papers. Yes you can order these!
Click to check out our flower bouquets
Buy special order we will make this model for you.  Email us.
"Mathmatical" origami... very impressive as gifts for the executive.  Order hanging or on a black base.
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Custom Mobiles available.  Cranes ,  parrots Inquire by email.
1$ Bills make the best rose bouquets
A Rose Money Bouquet
Custom bouquets takes days to complete
Origami Designs has more cake designs
Tassels on the signature Cranes sold at Origami Designs are all hand made .
C Christmas Centerpiece
Single hanging cranes are giftboxes delightfully (gratis) for a beautiful
gift presentation, with color coordinating ribbon and filler!!
Spring Basket with money bouquet
A lovely money bouquet
A Purse Bouquet for young girl
Money Hearts Bouquet with card
Bright spring colors in this basket bouquet
Popular are crane peace bouquets
Kawasaki Roses in Bouquet
I ship basket bouquets sealed & wrappped
Custom Sunflower Bouquet, card, vase & more
AWinter Money Bouquet!
Origami Crane Mosaics are stunning
Green & White butterfly money lei
A perfect presentation of Money Bouquet
Flower Bouquet with Money Inserted
A Bail of Hay of Bats! Centerpiece
Multicolor flower & money butterfly lei
A patriotic money rosette lei
Designs here, centerpiece designs, bouquet designs, cake designs, show here are some of the selections of designs that have shipped recently from Origami Designs.  All photos and designs are copyright to Origami Designs
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Want to order a package of origami for your
December Holiday  tree?  Order by August 31, 2010
to get your origami in time to decorate.
Donate your tree to charity after is a great idea!
Or keep it all to use years and years again!
Bridal Bouquet by Request