Origami Artist, Barbara Turner folded  cat, peacock, fox, crane, flower, cup,  kitty and ladybug.   Assistant Dee read the book and showed all the pictures to the children.

There was a lively discussion at time about the animal models in the book and about origami.

It was wonderful that parents stayed to watch & listen and gather more information about origami and the benefits of folding for all ages!

A really good time was had by all!!

Chiloquin Library
July 14th, 2010
Below:  Origami Designs set up a fine display  of
origami books suitable for children & beginner folders,
On display were the Think And Do Origami kits highly  recommended for the family,  & affordable!
There were models, including the 3-D peacock on the right that was passed around for the children to see and touch!

Everyone who attended received a bag with three  perfectly folded models: Fortune Teller,  Penquin, and  Fox!
Also on the display board:

A purple  origamidragon!

A rare yellow origami Chiloquin rabbit,

A visiting origami penguin,

& one very wise
looking  origami owl
UnderSea Origami Book Cover
recreated in Origami - on top display board.

Below instructions, animals and other origami
creatures for folding!   Bats, raccoons, deer, birds, bears, cougars, buffalo snakes all show on boards. 
At left:
Young Russian children made pictures with
origami and sent them to Origami Designs.

These are  great examples of way for children to use their origami models for art presentation.