Important   Instructions for FOLDING   and  SENDING  to Origami  for making the 1001 custom artworks.
Origami Designs has details below:    Do NOT send folded cranes from Ebay and Amazon.  Do NOT send cranes that were blown up and smashed flat again.  Origami Designs cannot use these cranes to make professional artworks.     Origami Designs reserves the right to send these cranes back to the sender at your expense.      You can confirm your cranes by sending a photo via email to OrigamiDesigns before booking your order.
Fold cranes from foil papers 3X3"  (if 3.5 OD will quote more for framing and shipping.    SEE photos below of how NOT to fold, how NOT to send.

See photos of well folded cranes that will make a beautiful and professional artwork for your custom design.
Below are photos of "some" of the many folded cranes  sold on Amazon and Ebay (Origamidesigns recognized these cranes)  DO NOT buy or send these.
Designer paper are thick and to difficult to work with,  These cranes are not folded as well as needed for these big artworks.  Please do not buy or send these cranes, folded flat or smushed flat.  
These and many more folded origami cranes (even from foil papers) purchased from Amazon or Ebay or other venders are no acceptable for use in the expense and professional quality artist design produced by Origami Designs.     Origamidesign does NOT have time to fold or cut or tweak 1000 cranes before start to place cranes on your artwork.    They do not smash or smush or go flat well.   Cranes that were previously strung  are also not usable.  Please do not buy and send these.  .
Do  NOT  send cranes folded like these above or left and right!!!.