February 20, 2003    Origami Designs Folds for  Warner Bros.
Tune in to NBC  Drama Emergency at 10pm PST (or check your local listings)    Third is a series of new episodes, the origami crane premiers in the episode titled "1000 cranes".   In this episode the teenage cancer patient struggles with  his cancer.   Origami Designs provided the beautiful cranes (for hope and peace) used in the filming on location in Chicago.  
~  *  ~
January 1 - 31, 2003  Pasadena, California
Origami Designs models, materials, and education items are featured and presented for the public viewing in the two large display cases of the North Entrance of the main Library in Pasadena, California.   This exhibit is a special opportunity for Origami Designs to share with as many as 3000 visitors a day, the beauty,  the joy, and educational benefits of folding  Origami.  Included were models for children, Kusudama, Senbazuru, modular units, advanced folding, origami for decorating, advertising, jewelry, gifts and more.    The display featured a special section on Sadako and the Story of the 1000 Cranes.  (With video and CD)    Please check back here to the events page for a possible display designed for Children for this Library in Pasadena.
Christmas Displays  Origami Designs presents for public viewing two special Christmas Trees decorated with origami.  (December 2003)
Showcasing the wonders of Origami in Foil. Origami Designs  decorates a tree for display at Local Florist - The Flowerman (call for details and hours) -  featuring nearly 200 pieces of origami folded in stunning gold foils.  This tree was decorated with tradition cranes, ceremonial cranes, peacocks, fans & holiday origami models.  Complemented with floral sprigs, flowers and natural pinecones from the giant redwood trees of California the tree is  on display during the month of December 2002.     Crane ornaments were available for those wishing to take a piece of origami "peace" home for holiday decorating or trees.   .

Yoshino Japanese Antigues Pasadena, CA.
Invites Origami Designs to design and decorate special origami ornaments for a tree on display during this month of December 2003 (please see during store hours - or visible from the street after hours).  
Origami Designs decorated the tree with tradition origami cranes, ceremonial cranes, peacocks, and other items traditionally used on trees in Japan by those celebrating Christmas.   Beautiful origami lanterns and fans, along with other special items, folded in a variety of custom foils in multi colors covered the  Display Tree sitting in the center of the newly decorated authentic Japanese Tea Room.  
Feb 2003.
Jan 2003.
Dec 2002.
Nov 2002.
A special tree for a special time...
12/12/02   "Hindsight".....   Origami Designs does a special little tree for an episode of NBC's TV drama Emergency.  
This was to be a Christmas Gift to the set.... and like any little tree, resembling one worthy of "Charlie Brown"... Origami Designs was thrilled they wanted to use it.  It was indeed a calamity of errors, rush on-location- filming, etc. that came with this little tree and it's  creation. Photos of this tree are available  here!

Calendar of Events past, present and in the future for Origami Designs -   Events Overview -  Archive.
Oct 2002.
Sept 2002.
10/17/02  "Walk Like A Man"  Origami Designs folds for this episode of the prime time drama Emergency on NBC.   An unusual request came for Origami for this episode with Jerry exploring his talent with folding!   Folded from medical paper used on the set of this long running drama.... it was a thrill for Origami Designs a long time fan of ER!  

Origami Designs premiers new items for the Thanksgiving holiday season.  For home decorating, table centerpieces,  adding origami to floral arrangements and more click here.  
Origami Designs expands the Gallery and availibility of items for order online.  New books and custom ideas are added to the website as Origami Designs launches business online and nationally.  
Click on pictures for details.
Decorating the tree for display...
Outside the tea room...
April  2003
Origami goes to the classroom.  Sharing the joy of the art is the most rewarding thing I do.  Origami Designs goes to the Frostig Center in Pasadena, to give an introductory  class to about 20 middle & high school art class students.  The students were great!  Origami bases, models, books, & folding instructions were covered in  this visit.  It was a wonderful interactive hour for students & faculty alike.  The enthusiasm of the students  is rewarding & appreciated. It all starts with that single square of paper. 
May 2003
Origami Designs undates the "Books" webpage here in May!
Announces that our  special Single Hanging Crane  is now available and offered at   The STORE at CENTRAL.   Located in the Center Branch, the main branch, of the Pasadena Ca. library is a special store offering a fine selection of books and other gift items.  Origami Designs is pleased to have the Single Crane offered at the store.   Our single crane on base is also available. If the store is out of these items, please contact us by email for purchase.
Summer brings Origami Designs to children in special events.    Origami workshops  for the Childrens Series were offered by registration.    Local Origami Artist, Ms. Turner,   presented 10 -  1 hour workshops during the third week of July 2003,  for the City Of Pasadena.   .        "Get Wild with Origami" taking children on an Origami Safari, teaching beginning folding techniques, in a fun and entertainng hour.  All children received their own packet and certificate from the workshops!  
June/Aug 2003
Vroman's celebrated the one year anniversary of Vroman's Bookstore Hasting's Ranch in November 2002. Located at 3729 E. Foothill Blvd., in Pasadena, this 7,000 square foot bookshop offers a handpicked selection of books for all ages. (626-351-0828)
Origami Designs provides a variety of colorful & interesting ORIGAMI for the large front window display at the Vroman's Hasting's Ranch.  The fabulous display of origami books available.  is enhanced by the addition of the visual display of origami, large & small, by local origami artist, Ms. Turner.  The books and origami will be on display for two months.  "I am truly impressed by the selection of books chosen for sale by Vroman's & encourage all to view the display & pick up a book or two!!
Click photo for larger view of window at Vroman's
USA      2004  Origami     Peace Tree Festival     
          Click our Globe at right for DETAILS!!!
The Festival showing is now over.   There are plans to reopen the exhibit locally in So California again in 2005 Check here for information.     Late received models were  added to the displays.     Names were added to the Leaves pages!   PHOTO pages are now online - click to see the wonderful origami displayed from folders in the USA & around the world!  Rarely do we get to see and experience this kind of folding locally!  We want to thank all those who attended and those who contributed!
August   2003
New Origami Display at Pasadena Ca. Main Library  On display in the main room cases near the Children's Wing -  Origami Designs has two cases.   Specifically designed to inspire enthusiasm in children, & encourage parents to introduce origami to kids, & inform the public about origami!   These displays include origami animals "In the forest...",  "prehistoric origami", and "jungle origami" to coincide with the "Get Wild with Origami" workshops by Origami Designs in July.   The second case presents 3-D origami, Modular & Math origami, the simple & the complex, & a special display about mythological/fantasy origami, including dragons and an origami castle!  These display are available for viewing during the month of August at the Library.
Click for larger view.
Origami Designs  goes to the Pacific Coast Origami Conference
October   2003
December   2003
This December again, Origami Designs made cranes & holiday decorations for several Christmas Trees.           New Christmas flowers in gold and silver speciality papers were added to the offering of "Holiday Items Available".  
SPRING  -  April   2005
Origami Designs again joins the schedule of Spring classes offered by the City of Monrovia Community Services.   We are excited to present these classes to the community.   See  Community, City of Monrovia
Origami Designs continues a  schedule of Fall Session   classes offered by the *City of  Monrovia  Community   Services.   Falls includes two    individual  classes:  Origami & Beyond (Nov 16)    &   Origami Designs will present  a special class for kids & adults - Get Wild With Origami !!  November 9, 2004     For details  see the Fall Brochure  or contact:   Community, City of Monrovia  
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"Ride A Wild Tale"  Origami Designs offers fun & wild  origami workshops for kids 9 -  13 yrs* as part of the Pasadena Library Summer Program, June & July 2004!   Details on workshops as finalized! 
WINGS N' THINGS!  July & August of 2004 At the Pasadena Main Library  for Teens!   Workshops with fantastic wings N things origami.  Bat, butterflies, flying dragons, airplanes, fighter jets, Star Wars, dragonflies, bugs,  and more!  Challenging  & impressive origami  odels at these workshops!    Check out the website at the library!  
September - December  2004
Special WORKSHOPs featured by:  SET THE MOOD & Origami Designs adult & kids, beginners & all folders.  Workshops In Sept & Dec were great fun for all who attended!    A display of Christmas origami art is still on display at the location in Montrose, with selected items available for purchase! 
Spring schedule at the Monrovia Community Center  classes includes: 
April 7th
April 9th. 2005
Origami Designs continues  teaching monthly origami classes in 
  Michael's. Origami classes   Origami  for Adults and children    Click to see 
dates/times    2 Hours for $10 per person.  Ages 7 - 110 (under 7 accompanied
 by adult)  Please check each month for new schedule!   Initial materials
 provided.   Recommendations & ideas for supplies & papers reviewed & 
demonstrated in classes as well.  See books and more!  Pasadena   By appt or see store schedule.    Day or Evenings Call 626-676-8134 for times

* Origami Designs: March  2005   Santa Catalina Branch Pasadena Public Library  offers Spring workshop for young people 3pm Mar 22!  Thank you to the library for having us there!!
 * Origami Designs:  January    2005    Display includes origami models from around the world! This extensive display occupies many cases through out the MAIN Branch & available for viewing the entire month of January.  
   HILL  BRANCH Pasadena Library
   Dec 15th  Afternoon workshop for
   Parents and Children
   Making origami ornaments for the             holiday
   tree at the library and for the holidays!
   3 - 4:30pm   Thank you all for coming!
Click & see Store Location for addresses
Public Displays/Exhibitions
Holiday  Store Windows
Lobby Centerpieces
Gift Baskets
Workshops, Classes, Demonstrations, Lectures for all ages
Personal  Lessons
Corporate Groups
Your Club or 
* Origami Designs: December 2004 Display at:  Santa Catalina Branch Pasadena Public Library  
2005  Origami Designs artist, Barbara takes
        takes origami to the Festival!   Again in 2006
It was wonderful!!  .....folding, chatting, & instructing visitors with fun origami models.  See their website & flyer about for details & directions.  Origami demos for adults  &  children of all ages!!   
May 20 & 21th Saturday & Sunday, 2006

June,    July,    and    August  Events 
Adding to the calender will be:
       City of Pasadena Library workshops for the children!!
       City of Arcadia, Library workshops for the children!!
       City of Monrovia Community Services workshops
          for children and adults - all ages specific workshops!

May 21, 2005  Origami Designs joins other vendors & artists, in Displays, Exhibitions, & Demonstrations at the "Japanese  Cultural Festival".  Hosted at Pasadena City College, Pasadena, California,  at Harbeson Hall and outside in the "Quad" on the lovely campus, Barbara shared her love of origami with visitors.  Participation in such events is always enjoyable!!  
                Thank you PCC for inviting & including Origami Designs.  
Super Reading, Super Heros, Super Origami. Our first four  offerings were full and wonderful fun for kids and parents alike!    A Special ThankYou to the City Of Arcadia, & library staff from Origami Designs.  Look for us there in Nov. or Dec!  
Our third Year at Pasadena's  Library Branches!  
3 Dates In July      2 More In August!  We were full again with  great kids, parents, & origami fun!       Thank You City of Pasadena!!
Monrovia Community Center Summer Workshops!  July was great !      
Look for October Dates on Fall Schedule.!!   Four dates in October 
on the schedule.
See brochure, click link at right:     Origami & Beyond    Oct  22, Saturday 10am - 12:00noon,   Origami for Kids (parents welcome)   Oct 26, Wed 10am - 12noon  -  Origami & Beyond -    Oct 26, Wed 5 - 7pm
August 2005  Afternoon Origami.
Origami Designs visits the Sunrise Senior Living  Residence In San Marino, California.  
When time permits and I can donate time, I really enjoy these visits and workshops.  The enthusiasm and participation is inspiring to me as an origami artist.  The benefits of origami both socially and mentally are evident in all ages of folders, and so it's a great experience and activity for me and folders alike.  Thank You Sunrise!!
      ORIGAMI   LIVE  !!
  Origami Designs Artist       "live" In Pasadena, in September 2005 - 25th     Click on either  ad, right or left    for details & photos of this  event!!
November 2,nd 3 - 5pm  Origami Designs at the Sunrise Assisted Living Residence In San Marino
Origami Designs Presents
Paws, Claws, Scales and Tales offering at Libraries in Pasadena, California  click link below     

April 2006  
Poetry Month     Origami Designs at 10 branch Pasadena libraries
We had a great time at the Koi Festival again 
Check this events page often for dates of special events   around Los Angeles, In California, or 
nationwide .
Check out
the newest
page at Origami Designs for US & International Origami Events!
   PARADE 2006
 2007  3- D Unit origami display.    See the display at St. Catalina branch,        Pasadena  CA this March -May   At Santa Catalina  626-744-7272 and  Springtime workshop at Linda Vista Branch  May9th  Wed 4 - 6pm   

NOVEMBER    Origami Parade Fun
Origami Designs sends 200 Whales in May 2007 for the curtain of whales.  
Andrew above with the folded rose model at his right, is a recent winner in the Origami USA children's folding contest 2007
Details Click Photo
Architectural Drafting
The call came from the Women's Council with only days before the annual event.      Origami Designs     was delighted to do some creative architectual  ,  CENTERPIECES -   for 20 tables at the event.  This is the MOST rewarding folding, -  the kind that  hopefully  will  inspire   attendees   to investigate origam!  We hope students are full of curiosity  about   Origamic Architecture   too!
Origami Designs 
Performs Well 
with first additions 
to the Auctions
of Art at the 
Ross in 2008!
I was thrilled to 
participate in two art Festival events at the Favell Musuem In Klamath Falls in
    2008 !!
Always important is going to the schools.  We started at Shasta & will visit about 6 schools in 2009!
ER  TV show origami 2008!!.
Always folding for Corporate Jobs!
                    Imagine Solutions
                    1000 company cranes!
Teller for 
Studio Entrance 

Working Studio   

Looking to 
 Outside view    

      Work  Area         

 Books & Materials     

Outside of Studio
Sunset Reflects
in the Windows
Work continues at the Studio and workroom of Origami Designs.com 
I am always involved with custom worksmosaics,  origami art projects & local work in my new home community.
I do schedule presentations, demos, workshops, private sessions, & including  motivational speaking 
engagements on my yearly calendar.    I devote some  time and enjoy doing things out in the community.  SEE BELOW!
If you wish to contact me about an upcoming events, please email.   barbarat@origamidesigns.com 
Origami Sessions  Running Y Klamath
 Origami Designs Artist
Presentation  Presentation for the 
Sandwich Club In Klamath 
October 24th, 2009  Borders Book Store 
Klamath Falls.  2 - 3:30  Folding Halloween Origami!
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Found Folding!  Some might have  caught a glimpse of origami folding with students and visitors in the Student Union during the 
Winter Wings Festival   held at OIT in Klamath Falls, February!
Next Year, Origami Designs will have our own display! 
Origami Designs presentation to
the local Northside Klamath Garden Club Meeting at the Glad Tidings Church!   Flowers will be displayed and folded!
EARTHDAY   Origami Designs generated a lot of energy & some interest in Origami!   Thanks you to all who came see the displays, ask questions,  those who visited   & stayed to fold!
 Conserve to Preserve!  Origami and math,  - origami and earthday.
Origami Designs is excited to become  involved with the important issues being explored at the Oregon Institute of Technology.  
Visitors we invited to fold models for the castle, tetrahedrons, dragons and more.  Emphasis was on education, & the practical uses in sience, math, and every day medicine and techology involved the study and use of origami and folding techniques!
Now located in this dynamic 30 Miles of beauty & artistryOrigami Designs Is working 
& organizing origami events for local and visitors, in this inspiring community!  
Special thanks to Professor Cristina Negoita at OIT for inviting Origami Designs to participate
APRIL  22, 2010
Origami goes to school in Klamath
For the 3rd & 4th grade is was a good time!Handouts included pelican models, a penquin,  & fortune teller.  The class folded the helmet base Kabuto Helmet, a great fox model, the fortune teller and... the pieces for great unity dragons & other models! 
June  was great  for origami education!
Origami Designs 
A patriotic display or
Red, White, & Blue 
Origami models 
Goes into the display case at the
Community Center in
Chiloquin, Oregon.
Birds, flowers, unit models, hawaiian models, boxes and more!   Check throughout 
July to see more when added!
Origami Designs will be at the
Chiloquin Library for the Summer Reading

Fold Me A Poem is featured.
Enjoy the reading, Watch the origami artist fold models from the story.     Children in attendance will recieve models of their own!
Click HERE to see photos and  details of this
fun event for the kids & parents.  

It was a lively discussion, fun folding, and great show and tell!  Thanks to Chiloquin Library for adding Origami Designs to the 
 Artist  Barbara Turner        
TRVA Second Annual 'Meet the Artists'  Ever visit a gallery and wonder how an artist  creates his work or have questions you'd love to ask if only you could talk to the  creator of that  wonderful piece of art?  
Saturday August 28th, 2010 when Two Rivers Gallery presenteds artists  & their artwork at the Second Annual 'Meet the Artists' fundraiser.  The event was be held in the  Chiloquin Community Center  140 So. 1st St., from 1 pm 'til 4 pm.    
Featured among 4 other artist  was   Origami artist (Barbara Turner) .  Thank you to all who visited and stopped to chat about origami at the  the Origami  Area and Display.  It is always nice to chat and share the benefits and joys of this beautiful artform.  

Special Workshop Klamath Falls at  Indigo Beads  
Artist & Visiting Japanese Guest Hitomi!
Fold a Holiday Ornament  or Fold a piece of origami jewelry
Embellish with beautiful beads!!!
Date:  Dec 3, 2010
Time:   2 - 4 pm

                                                   Volunteer work is always important in our community !     
December 2010: Origami Designs works with Girls Scouts               January 2011 Origami Designs & Kids fold for Veterans   
Spring of 2011 Origami Designs visits classroom at Stearns school to help fold origami models for the fashion show
 March 2011  Origami Design joined other instructors at the Kaleidoscope of Learning in Klamath hosting and origami workshops! 
 May of 2011 Origami Designs  visits SAGE school, bringing origami on Fabulous Friday to some fabulous kids!
 October 2011  Origami Design Presents  - Holiday Origami Exhibit  - with free 2 hour workship in making holiday decorations to the Chiloquin Community, at the Chiloquin Community Center.    Exploring Origami for Halloween, Hannukkah, Thanksgiving and Christmas

  Place:  Origami Designs Studio    A  Great  time was enjoyed  by all.....
  Invitations were folded & sent.  Guests were invited to come & tour the new working origami studio.  Videos were ready for viewing, there was an "origami items hunt" for families, & tour of the studio and workroom awaited all.  The big steel sculpture of Tori Dragon was outside on display, & new origami was on the shelves.  For those who could not attend, another event is planned Summer 2015
One  World  Many Stories
Stories & Origami folding demontrations for all    1:30 Chiloquin Library   
Origami Artist   - Barbara Turner - continues her 10th Year with the Library Summer Reading Program  Everyone enjoys the afternoon and went home withh origami! 

Holiday Origami Workshop Presented for Adults!    
Ornaments, decorations for trees, centerpieces, entertaining, cards & more!
Place: Chiloquin Community Center  - Conference Room
Materials: Folding paper provided.  Model instructions provided.
Cost: Free, donations accepted.  
Origami for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hannukkah, & Christmas 
Flyers with more details at the Community Center   details
PEO   Presentation:  An Origami Artist
 Klamath Falls, OR
An Origami Artist shares her work, information, explanations, details, and stories of her work as an origami artist.
Speaking to  the local Chapter Group of women who are members of this philanthropic organization.  
From the PEO:  "Hi Barbara: Your presentation/presence at our PEO (Philanthropic Educational Organization) meeting yesterday was a huge hit for the 30 ladies who were present. Besides being extremely informative, you were entertaining to the hilt! I heard comments like "I didn't know anything about that, "Well, that was a really fun program", and "It was neat meeting Barbara, she's a kick!" 
          Thank you so much for enlightening us on your art. We'll look forward to a fun field trip to your studio May ...  ,,,, Again, thanks for being here. All of us enjoyed your "gig" tremendously and had a great time!  "    
.2014     Spring    Gallery  Showing
 Klamath  Art Association  - Gallery
    New  Art - & origami art
available  to the public!
2014  Origami Designs
See unusual and artistic examples
of Origami - the art of folding paper.
Klamath  Main Library Branch
Display cases   in   June.
.2014 June -  Summer Reading Program  1:30PM  see Details
Special  presentation  for Teens!
Klamath Main  LIbrary
"Spark  a Reaction"  The overall theme for 2014 is SCIENCE. 
and Origami  WOW!
                                                         2015   Origami Designs.com  Artwork Showing
                                                      Klamath Art Association Gallery,  Klamath Falls, OR   
February - Celebration of  Birds
Flights Alight on Tree Of Life - Best in Show   April  - Alcohol Ink Art - Origami Mandala Surprise
                                                                                          & Origami Mask - Peacock Presentation   
May - Two New original  origami Wall  artwork!!
                                                                                   July -  All things Crater Lake - Origami Vistas

2016   Klamath Art Gallery                                Klamath Library 
- February  - Celebration of Birds  Artwork receives Best In Show  Member Show
- May - Crane Orb Sculpture - First Place,   Bird Mask - Second Place (wearable art)
- July Membership show -  Fantasy Flight  
- September - Arts on The Flyway - Origami Demo & Outdoor display
- October - Dec  Origami art at the Klamath Airport
- Nov/December  Origami Ornaments on Gallery Tree
June    2015
Klamath Falls
Main Library
Origami  on Display!!

2017  June   Featured Artist at Klamath Art Association Gallery, Klamath Falls Oregon -Barbara Turner Shows  Wall art, Sculptural, and other,  Origami and other Mixed Media
August  2017 Klamath Falls Library Display    See Photos   
              September  2017  Arts On The Flyway Klamath Falls, OR    
Origami Designs Artwork at The Ross Ragland   and Klamath Falls Airport !
.May 2018 at the Klamath Art Gallery-   Peacock Delight Sculpture   &     House                    Blue  Tabletop     Origami Cranes 9,720  folds!        SOLD
 Klamath Art Assoc Gallery
Origami Designs hangs two new art pieces. 3D wood sculptural art - January & wallart in February - Celebration of Birds  
Origami Wall Art works!!
Jan, Feb, May, July,  Nov, & Dec of 2021, 22, & 23!  OrigamiDesigns
shows new artworks at membership showings and exhibits. New Works, new works in a series on display for the month of the exhibits!  
.Sept  12th, 2023   4:30 - 6:30pm  KIDS - Come to the Ross Ragland Cultural  Center  for a Fun Filled Art Event!   Origami Designs,  will be participating with free handouts/models, & the artist folding at the tables by the Klamath Art Association & Gallery.   
Artist - Educator