Have you found a wonderful lesson preparation for teaching origami that you would like to share, or are you a teacher with prepared origami lessons for teaching or art?   Please feel free to E-Mail me to include it here for others,   just click the boy and books link to E-Mail us. 
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But easy to read and full of good stuff:    I return here to check these links as time allows.  Please forgive me if some links are not working or no longer available when you visit.  If you wish to alert me please email as I would appreciate it.   I do continue to monitor them as I can.  Webpages are made by students and teachers and then disappear as teachers move, lose their web access for example.    I try to keep up, check them and ad new links, but I appreciate your patience especially with these links.    thanks OD

Educations Links:                    Check our math book and origami

Sites to use and explore  for teaching origami,  advising teachers and visitors who come here:    Update:   I will add new links to the top of this list.   If you have visited before then you will know if anything new has been added that you didn't previously see:  I hope this helps Ideally I would like to connect all these links for you, but the size restrictions of my  host make that impossible at this time.  Do copy and paste, many of these are very worthwhile  sites and teaching aids.      Thank You. 

How to index..easy bat, swan, t-shirt, whale, crane, origami for teachers. Elementary School art,  Bird in Thirds  a good place for a teacher and your first experience teaching origami!
- Story while teacher folds the butterfly  .great things here.

-Birds in thirds: teaching aid for elementary school level   very good for right age
-Middle School Students in art folding butterlifes (third lesson) http://saratoga.mornet.org/7th%20butterflies/butter.htm
-Excellent example of thought our online teaching. Origami Monkey 
-Teaching Origami; Well put together site for teachers: Subject: Art, Language Arts
This lays it out well walking a teacher through this
-Math in Motion is great for lower grade children and invaluable resource this book
(Barbara has this book)  http://www.mathinmotion.com/
-          look at Michael's site is always worthwhile,  "Michael is an authority on papermaking and paper sculpture and has written 18  books on these subjects.  He is also a seasoned  presenter with thirty years experience in teaching and speaking to school groups, from kindergarten through graduate levels, at schools, universities, libraries, museums, and on television."
The Whale: a lesson plan I have used before I had the book math in motion.  An easy first model to teach in many ways but here is their lesson plan  http://www.mathinmotion.com/whalefld.html 
Origami Paper Strategies for teaching  students teaching students
·          David Mitchell's Origami Heaven - http://www.origamiheaven.com/ - David Mitchell has put together a very good site "promoting the use of origami in education." Site includes some diagrams, a glossary, and hints on teaching origami.
·          Origami & Math [Eric Andersen] - http://www.paperfolding.com/math/ - Included on this page are some relationships between math and origami as well as related links.
Project Modular Origami Continuing Education Course- Lewiston, Maine  (for 4.5 CEU units) for teachers of mathematics, G/T teachers, special education teachers, paraprofessionals using modular origami for therapeutic reasons, social connectedness or improving fine motor skills  http://www.maine.gov/education/hs/index.html
Art, Origami and Education In this paper I want to look at art and Origami and the relevance to education. ... If Origami is an art form why is it missing from art exhibitions and galleries? 
http://homepage.ntlworld.com/peterjohn.rootham-smith/japanpaper.htm ...
·          Origami in Education - - The Count On web site has included a section on origami and math with some projects and diagrams. [This site is part of the Maths Year 2000 web site whose original address is http://www.mathsyear2000.org/. This site uses frames.]

·          Education and Origami:
"Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. It literally translates as ori (folding) gami (paper). In Japan, Children learn origami at their mothers' knees. In the West, children are learning it at school. Research has shown that paper-folding, particularly in the elementary school years, is a unique and valuable addition to the curriculum. Origami is not only fun, but it is also a valuable method for developing vital skills.
Educational Benefits of Origami
·          Behavioral Skills       http://www.suba.com/~blonnie/edu.html 
·          Cooperative Learning
·          A Link to Math
·          Cognitive Development
·          Multi-cultural Awareness
·          Community Building "

-Another example of why to teach origami  Origami: A study in Symmetry
http://web.archive.org/web/19970214135506/    "In our report we are studying symmetry in origami. The types of symmetry we are studying are: vertical, horizontal, and right/left hand symmetry."
Resource listing of links for information about the relationship between origami and geometry. 

There are many wonderful and technical and working sites for teaching of mathmatics at high school and college level using origami but I will not list here:

Origami in Therapy    widely use in this country and others:
Use of origami in therapy- examples
Psychologists          Occupational Therapists
Doctors          Art Therapists
Nurses          Teachers
Child Therapist          Speech Therapists
Other Professionals          


Have you found a wonderful lesson preparation for teaching origami that you would like to share, or are you a teacher with prepared origami lessons for teaching or art?   Please feel free to E-Mail me to include it here for others,   just click the boy and books link to E-Mail us. 
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