Origami   and    Education!
This answers the "why"  there is an OrigamiDesigns.ORG!

Do you use origami in your classroom? Do you fold yourself or with others?
Do your children fold at home or in school?
Are you an educator or professional health or clinical worker who uses or is familiar with origami in your profession? Have you "heard" that origami has "benefits".... and want to know more?
Are you interested in the experiences of others who use origami in their teaching?

Please see the links to the right.  This is just the start.... as I have started to bookmark my findings and the research and experiences of others.    I might list a site that has an extensive listing & so I don't need to copy it here.    Or the link may be to an article or testimonial at a site I found during my origami research.

Please feel free to email me with similiar and related links that I can pass along to my visitors - here in this one place.

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Why is origami good for you?
http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Lab/5466/ori_good.html    ...writen from the perspective of an art teacher.
Origami & Math   http://www.paperfolding.com/math/?PHPSESSID=0fd5f3140f097dd16b2d7f6552056845
Whether you  are a student, a teacher, or just a casual surfer, this page was written to answer your questions about origami and math!  An excellent read!
The Educational Benefits of Origami  By George Levenson     presented by Fascinating Folds... Very well written.   http://web.archive.org/web/20020202075445/http://www.fascinating-folds.com/learningcenter/educational.htm George covers: Behavioral Skills - Cooperative Learning -   A Link to Math -  Cognitive Development - Multi-cultural Awareness - Community Building

Origami & Education http://home.istar.ca/~wko/education_and_origami.html written from the "first person"  sharing personal experiences with origami and teaching with origami. Exploring the educational & personal value to the folder. 
Fun with Origami   Lesson Plan!  http://www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/01-1/lp235_03.shtml  Found at Education World, Well laid out and ready to follow and use!.
This page under construction.  I'm building as fast as I can, there are many wonderful links & sites to add in the coming months.  Please check back. Thank you!   Check out the MATH LINK ABOVE RIGHT
Education Links & References... some of it all in one place:   "Well Here's A Personal File I Started:....."
Lessons, Websites, What I found!... names in origami education, and more. 
Origami &  Math!
Background on Origami  Good overview...