"We saw some cranes hanging in a store that were not for sale. Your website was beautiful & the cranes we ordered were much nicer than what we saw in the store.  They made great gifts!    Thanks S. Hanson  CT
"Thank you for your strands among the most beautiful origami whales in  
the curtain. All who have seen them so far were in awe."  Peggy O  CA
"...the 3D Display in our library case is one of the most popular displays we have had!"
         Santa Catalina
         Pasadena, CA
"The girls all had such a fun time with the origami at the party.  The party favors went over with a "Wow." Thanks for coming out in the rain!   R Young,  SO CA
"...those potted cakes were delightful...
no one wanted to eat the cake!  Thanks 
for the origami idea and your super creations."  Mrs. A. Canton   Arcadia CA
"Thanks for the crane cards. We liked that the cranes were detachable.  You should offer more selections."    Besty Croft, Boise ID
Origami Designs gets great comments & feedback on our money origami items.  Thanks to all our customers
"My boss loved the flower basket...Tks"  Jason H  NM
"The items you sent looked great in out mellon bowls, just like on your website!!"
       Bess & Bev in Decator GA

"Barbara,  The little tree generated lots of attention at the silent auction.
Thanks for sending it for us"
                                   PCOC   CA
"Our guests for my husband's 90th birthday were really surprised by the custom cake.    Everyone loved the take-home decorations and potted cakes"    D Remington Duarte CA
"...we didn't know what to expect when ordered the money roses.  They were great.  "   R Willingham   SD  CA
"Thanks for you help and suggestions. 
I gave my wife the bouquet at her graduation.  She loved it."
                                Mike in TX
The employees at Vromans Book Store told Origami Designs that while our "display was in the window, "they "sold more origami books in 3 months than ever in the history of the store!"
Thnk You Vroman's for the feedback comments!
Origami Designs

"Your arrangement arrived was well received. Thanks for
all your hard work and professionalism. I am very glad that I  found your website. My deepest thanks,"
A  Wood

".. all those white cranes and glitter white cranes really made our Colorado Christmas tree very special. Thanks to you"
Comments & feedback from our clients...     What clients have to say :

At    Origami Designs   I appreciate hearing from those who order,  or use  &  enjoy my origami.  It is always the goal to  do the best possible design from the  1001 cranes for each and every client,  and positive feedback and an appreciation of this work is what makes this work in my studio so rewarding.     ThankYou
Origami Designs  does not publish all your comments here, but  certainly does appreciate the feedback.     I enjoy hearing how you used your origami or how it was received.  

Mosaic Clients will sometimes send a comment but ask that their special design, not be pictured online, and I respect that.  

Thank you to all who send us your thoughts.     Origami Designs
"The rooster is so beautiful, It is just perfect and exactly what we wanted! "    H K  in So Calif
"Thank you Barbara for your attention to details & our wishes on our Tsuru design. We are very happy with the final outcome." 
                            John & Diane CT USA
"It looks so beautiful in our home.  We love it, thanks!  Takugi  N    New York, NY"
Barbara, I have received my rose creation and the other things and they are masterful.  I will certainly use you again.  Thanks.  Julian Suffold  VA

We received the Beautiful hearts yesterday and words cannot describe our reaction!
It was the most artistic, beautiful arrangement we have ever seen   ....  You truly exhibit the apex in artistic talent as well as attention to detail so that your customers
have nothing but enormous praise for your work and attention     Jim & Kathy  Delray, FL
Origami Designs artist & studio moved from Southern California,  to Southern Oregon in January of 2008 - The new studio and origami workroom is now receiving clients and groups!  Contact by phone   626-676-8134  11am - 8pm PST
                              or:  541-205-9092  11am - 8pm PST. 
E-Mail:  barbarat@origamidesigns.com   & origamidesigns@earthlink.net

All webpages at.www.origamidesigns.com and photos of my work are Copyright to OrigamiDesigns.com 1987 - 2022
Hi Barbara,    I received the package today and am very happy with your work.                        Florencia,  IL
"Our holiday greeting cards got great reviews this year, & friends loved the little birdies. "   Joan D     Toledo, OH
Origami Designs.com   Prospective clients and contacts are important to the work.   Policies and processes to know for successful products, customer relations, commissioned works are detailed here.
Policies and practices for dealing fairly with  issues on designs, custom designs, & commissioned works is not always smooth.  OrigamiDesigns regrets turning down work, or not being able to schedule a commission.   See the problem and answers in one case...   

**If you don't see your testimonial here, email it to OrigamiDesigns.com    Thank You
"Hi Barbara: Your presentation/presence at our PEO (Philanthropic Educational Organization) meeting yesterday was a huge hit for the 30 ladies who were present. Besides being extremely informative, you were entertaining to the hilt!    I heard comments like "I didn't know anything about that, "Well, that was a really fun program", and "It was neat meeting Barbara, she's a kick!" 
          Thank you so much for enlightening us on your craft.   We'll look forward to a fun field trip to your studio May ....   That will be fabulous.    I'll call you in May to touch base on the particulars. Again, thanks for being here. All of us enjoyed your "gig" tremendously and had a great time. "     January 2012
the Host of the PEO meeting displayed a holiday centerpiece by Origami Designs.com on her serving table.... see below"
"The mosaic arrived safe and sound! It took a while to unwrap it but it was worth it because it is SO BEAUTIFUL. It made me very emotional to see it. Thank you for making the mon come to life! I love it. It's obvious the care and work you put into this piece and I appreciate it."  KK in CA
"The mosaic is just beautiful and arrived intact!  I can't wait to display it next Saturday at the wedding.  I think it'll be quite a conversation piece.  Thank you so much for creating a fine art piece."    CW   LA  CA
"Dear Barbara,
Thank you again for your work on the class auction project. Last night, at the auction the item sold for $950.00!"  KF  in  CA
"Hi Barbara,
We got the tsuru yesterday and it arrived in perfect condition - it is wonderful!  We love it!"  JT   CA
"Thanks for everything, the mosaic was a big hit at the wedding."   CT  So CA
"Hi Barbara,    I got the mosaic!  It looks amazing!"
 Karrie  S    In  CA
"I just wanted to let you know what a hit your mosaic was at the wedding!  Everyone oohed and aahed when they saw it prominently displayed at the entrance to the reception.  Many people approached me and asked who had done such exquisite work.  They went to their seats quite impressed.

Thank you once again for your dedication, professionalism, and hard work on this project.  It came out much more lovely than I anticipated and your attention to detail was outstanding!"        G Amasuga    OR
"Our wedding guests thought the mosaic was very special. So do we, thank for your work, Barbara"   D & J  Sacramento
"WOW! That's all I could say when I first opened the mosaic and saw your design and workmanship in person. It's just beautiful! My relatives from Japan were here when I opened it and they had the same reaction. You did an exquisite job on this piece. I know my daughter will be thrilled to be receiving it."  Grace  A   OR
I received the mosaic late yesterday afternoon.  It arrived in perfect condition & it is lovely.  Thank you very much for creating a work of art that they can cherish forever.
Gail S   AK
"Hi Barbara,
On behalf of the Sasaki family I want to thank you for doing such an amazing job on the Tsuru mosaic artwork. 
Everyone at the party thought the mosaic was so beautiful!
I received so many wonderful compliments. This piece of artwork will be treasured for many years to come.
With much appreciation,"
Lori S    USA  
"Oh my gosh Barbara. This is amazing and you are awesome!  It's beautiful. I am so excited for the finished mosaic. Thank YOU."
Jackie & David  USA

"Everytime I look at the origami (mosaic) & frame it brings back such wonderful memories."
Lori S  
Barbara,     "All the items were in the box per my order.  ... I love the roses, butterflies and hearts.  You have done a wonderful job on the cards...I love the way you have make a heart into the card...very creative.  I hope to do business again in the future.  Thanks again for all your work...you have made my wedding favors special"...   MG  Maryland
Thank you for your concern and for the beautiful artwork.    It was beautifully displayed at the wedding. All of our guests loved it! Scott and I are so happy we decided to work with you and now we have something special to display in our home for a lifetime.
P.S. If any of our friends need a recommendation for a crane mosaic we'll
be sure to recommend your service!              Cindy & Scott  2014 April 
." Thanks Barbara!  
They LOVED the art work!
We appreciate all you did!
Robynn Hata"
Hi Barbara,   First of all, absolutely gorgeous!!! It brought tears to my wife. We can't get over the detail. 
You did an amazing job. Dec 2018   3Cranes Mon Above
Keith Y and Family  So CA USA
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I am so impressed and everyone in the office loves it and thinks this is so cool. Thank you, Barbara for doing such a remarkable job. I knew I was in good hands. I’m sad that our adventure is over but so pleased with the outcome. THIS COULDN’T BE BETTER!
Thanks again!” Kelly W 2019 1001 crane artwork

I am so impressed and everyone in the office loves it and thinks this is so cool 😎. Thank you, Barbara for doing such a remarkable job. I knew I was in good hands. I’m sad that our adventure is over but so pleased with the outcome. THIS COULDN’T BE BETTER!
Thanks again!
 The shipment came this morning! Looks great. No damage. I like the background...the design stands out on the nonsolid background. . Thanks, again, for your hard work.   
Kevin S  USA  2019
Combining the elements.of bamboo, koi, Mon, and blossoms in a wedding design artwork was really special.  The triptych design from Origami design made the presentation unique.  2019
"Hi Barbara,
 I have received the shipment and have unpacked it!  
It turned out really beautiful! Thank you so much for your hard work. Words can’t describe how thankful I am!!  
Regards, Tammy"
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We got everything last Wednesday and nothing was damaged! The piece looks amazing!!! I love how you were able to incorporate country borders so discretely by changing the direction of the cranes!!      Lauren & Ben  US    2020
6/2020 “We successfully opened it and the design is jaw dropping!” Kiana. The bride designed her own design & colorscheme. OrigamiDesign executed it for her, and it was a joy to do.  
​Jenifer wrote: “I LOVE IT!! Its beautiful!” 7/2020
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"...we just opened it! It is so beautiful!!!!! We love it so much!"  Kayla 2020
Copyright to OrigamiDesigns.com 
...It is beautiful. Great communication.  I will recommend your work to anyone...  Joanne S.
Hi Barbara!
We unpacked the artwork today. It is absolutely beautiful! Now It was packed very, very well. Thank you!! Thank you again for your great communication, professionalism, and creativity

. We love our artwork and it will always hold a special place in our hearts. We just had our wedding on Saturday and our crane artwork was the center of attention! People were blown away Thank you again for sharing your talent with us.
Erin and Frank 2020

Deigns choice by Mom, design work by OrigamiDesigns, for a daughter's wedding, Mom passed away before the wedding.  A Daughter is moved to tears when she receives her artwork.  
"Barbara, OMG!!!  I keep staring at it... it's exquisite...I can't believe how beautiful it is.   I'm just stunned.. an amazing work of art!"    Leslie C 2020
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Copyright to OrigamiDesigns.com 
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​Hi Barbara,
We received the artwork all in one piece. Thank you SO MUCH! This final piece is even more amazing than I expected. Can’t wait until the rest of my family sees it!  Thank you x100! Lisa 2021 Mandala     
Copyright to OrigamiDesigns.com 
The artwork was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It was exactly what we had visioned and was put together so well. We are excited to display it for our friends and family to see on our big day. this experience has been so special and we are very thankful we were able to work with such a talented artist. Thank you for guiding us throughout this process.... I will highly                                                                                                                   recommend you to any                                                                                                           family or friend! We will be                                                                                                         enjoying this piece for a life                                                                                                      time Thank you again   Barbara                                                                                                               Stephanie 2022
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Copyright to OrigamiDesigns.com 
Hi Barbara, I received your artwork today! It looks beautiful. I can't wait for my parents to see it next weekend. Thank you so much for your time in making this beautiful and custom made design. I love the Koi and blossoms! Thank you, Elise 2022
Copyright to OrigamiDesigns.com 
Copyright to OrigamiDesigns.com 1996 - 2019
We've received our artwork and it's absolutely beautiful! We're so happy with how it turned out. Thanks again for your amazing work and for making this special piece for us to display at our wedding and home. Best regards,
Kelli & Michael
Copyright to OrigamiDesigns.com 
 We just received the cranes.   It’s so beautiful!!! Thank you so much for your hard work. The frame and everything was in good condition.  Can’t wait to show it to my sister. Thank you so much again :-).   Shari  2022
We received the cranes in perfect condition….& they looked so beautiful! Thanks you so much., ... in great shape & we love the design. Thank you so much again for everything . NW from NewYork 2023 .