1001  Crane Treasure Box - Custom Designs
The  New Offering...
 from Origami Designs!

An alternative to the large, wall-hanging crane artwork.  This
treasure box is large and covered in your folded cranes!

Choose all gold, red, or silver.
Or have a combination of colors on your box.  At right is just "a sample"  The top can be all one color, a mix, the ying/yang done in gold & silver, - or all color with a different color full crane on top in the middle!  

The convenience is super!!
Inside  -  store treasured momentos from your wedding.  Fill with wedding photos, or special treasure from your new married life.     

Crane covered Treasure Boxes are designs by and Copyright  to OrigamiDesigns.com
This box can be placed anywhere in your new home. You are not restricted to large wall space!

The box has a surprise...inside on the bottom is a round of glass.  Under the glass you can customize your box!  Use fabric or a special paper!  Put your wedding or event invitation under glass with little flat treasures.  Let origami cut your family crest or mon, or a special design to put under glass!
Below: are some ideas for inside your box.  It is easy to customize with a nice paper, 
and  you can place your photo, invitation, or personal design print under glass!

The Crane Treasure Box is offered at the same Book/Labor Cost as
the traditional wall hanging.  I still place 1001 cranes, I print or cut you family design or custom design silouette to go under glass on the inside if desired. 
The cost for materials and box are similiar to the cost of materials and the background of the wall hanging!  YOU SAVE the cost of framing!  There is only the additional cost of shipping your box to you!

Order a box for a wedding, birthday, anniversary!   Email for your details &
I can put up your order link for you to order your Treasure Box!

All webpages at.www.origamidesigns.com and photos os my work are Copyright to OrigamiDesigns.com 1987 - 2022
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Treasure Box Designs
are unique and Copyright
to  OrigamiDesigns.com
Copyright  Includes the interior designs as well. 
You  can  personalize  the inside of your box with your inbitation,  flowers, photos, & momentos under the glass! OrigamiDesigns provides the glass insert for the bottom, but does not customize your box - see ideas above!
All  gold cranes, or all silver, or red, or a combination of colors of cranes for your box.    You fold, pick the design and rigamiDesigns does your box!  No cost to frame!!!   1001 Crane heirloom,  easy to display anywhere in your home.  
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