Centerpieces & Table Decorations
Origami Designs are unique. 
- Wonderful for parties
- to give as gifts
- even take to a housewarming. 
- They last for years
- & can be used over and over again! 
- For private parties
- house decorations
- corporate gatherings
Call or email to consult about a design for you.
Floral Centerpiece
At right:
Choose and Iris
Floral centerpiece
In Glass bowl
Arranged with fiber flower accents.

These giant iris blossoms are folded by hand from double sided colored origami papers.

Flowers can be shipped with bowl & accents, or shipped separately for you to arrange as you wish.
Christmas   Holiday  Centerpiece
Bouquet,    Created low and low this stunning arrangement is over 24" in length.    There is $500 in US cash currency in this arrangement.  Included are 20 money roses,  13 money hearts, money spirals, money leaves, and money angels.   

Included are holiday decorations, tinsel pipecleaners and  glitter poinsetties inserted into floral tubes that can be used to insert real flowers into the arrangement.  

All the money can be recovered and spent.  There is not cutting or glue. 
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Thursday  12 - 16- 2010
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