In the North display top center shelf:  Here were special items!   I wanted to keep this pretty  simple. Notice the  glass chrismas ornament with the crane inside & a dusting of snow at the bottom !   I added foil cranes,  & special design ornaments from Origami Designs. A display of (tradition Japanese origami) would not be complete without  the wonderful Lucky Cat (Maneki Neko) with the added tiny gold crane perched proudly on his upraised paw.      A special crane (designer paper)  with tassel hangs from  the center of this area  above. 
In the bottom of the middle
Here  - proudly displayed -  is the little "Charlie Brown" tree that was made for a prime time TV drama as a prop.  The little tree was decorated with miniature models of origami toys, birds, cubes, peacocks, fish, penquins, fortune tellers & many more models.      I folded some  from medical paper from the TV set.

Hanging on both sides of the tree are very special unit pieces & the origami hanging string made from mylar paper, into unit pieces.

In the snow at the bottom  are  more models of special miniature foil birds, & cranes & traditional Japanese fans. Each side of the tree has different origami items.

The hanging item on the right with a pink tassel also makes a nice ornament for a larger tree.

This tree stopped many a passerby for a better looksee!   
North Middle Case, Pasadena CA Central Library    2003