CaterersLet Origami Designs  Introduce you to Origami "garnishes" !  Origami Designs has discontinued sale of origami models for catering.  I do teach workshops on making these
designs for food garnishing.  Email for details. 
Fruit Bowls -
Punch Bowls -
Fruit Platters -
Seafood Salad Bowls - Seafood Salad Platters -
Vegetable & Salad Trays
& Platters -
Tea Parties
Pastry Trays
Cakes & Decorating -
Ideas:       *   Fruit Bowls /Platters    *     Cheese Trays     *      Seafood Bowls/Platters                        *  Vegetable Trays /Platters     *      Tea Parties         *       Weddings  
Cheese Trays & Platters -
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Mice on  Skewers:   or toothpicks:  Remember items like this are not meant for children.  Be careful with items on food to be sure guests know it is paper and not edible.
Fish .

*Origami on skewers,  is a paper art.  It is not edible.    

*Skewers should be colored with non-toxic, edible food coloring, red, green. or uncolored natural skewers,  for safety.   Caution guests, and be sure such items are not available to children. 

*These items are not intended for children, but  as decorations for garnish & food decorating.