My own library of books is ...adequate wih about  200 books.  Below you will find some of the books that  I have, enjoy, & recommend.  I simply do not have room to show them all,  but I will post a  *link to a books list below to give you an idea of what is available!  
This is not a book for leaning to fold.  It is the very beautiful true story of Sadako.... Her aim was to fold 1000 cranes before her death from radiation sickness after WWII.   Her gift is forever...this story her efforts for peace live on.  "And I will write peace on your wings, & you will fly all over the world"...
Those who continue to fold the cranes to place at the statue in memory of her offer their wish as well.
My first Origami Book, published & given to me in 1960... I was 10.  I have been folding since.
This book offers easy, step-by-step instructions
written in clear, concise English!  The models of the various shapes are diagrammed simply.  All the designs in this book are made from two basic shapes.  The book came with origami paper with instructions pre-tested for young and old alike.
The Oriental Art of Paper Folding Made Easy, by Harry C. Helfman Art Professor at New York University. 
by Tomoko Fuse, Chikuma Shobo/Japan Publication. ISBN 0-87040-821-6
This is undoubtedly one of the most popular books on boxes.
It is equally enjoyable to make  these boxes with single, double, and triple color and print combinations. If you like boxes, this is a  great place to start.
by Ciyo Araki, Kodansha International Ltd. ISBN 0-87011-807-2
If you need some impressive origami for Christmas, this book features cards, displays, wreaths,
package decorations and wrapping, tree ornaments, everything for your holiday folding..
by Tomoko Fuse, Japan Publications. ISBN 0-87040-852-6
The origami devotee with an interest in multidimensional forms will enjoy this book. If you are
fascinated with the architectural nature of design, this origami will hold hours of fascination. I have
made some of these forms in fabric..
by Makoto Yamaguchi, Japan Publications. ISBN 0-87040-863-1
This is a basic book for beginners. Kusudama was originally an ornamental scent bag. Today these  balls of origami make a very special wedding or baby shower mementos. The origami units are easily  assembled in a ball, decorated with a ribbon or cord and hung
The New Origami
by Steve Biddle, Megumi Biddle
A must-have for all origami enthusiasts--a compendium of the latest trends and techniques, from two  of the origami world's top folders. Contains dozens of original projects that employ cutting-edge  techniques, each accompanied by easy-to-follow illustrations. 1,500 two-color illus.
This book offers unique, three dimensional lid treatments on a square, hexagonal, and triangular box. The additional dimension in the lid is functional as well as beautiful. The designs are clearly illustrated and easy to understand. There is a selection from simple designs to those which will reward the  folder for a little extra attention. For Fuse fans, the new boxes and variations will definitely warrant  an addition to your collection of her work.
ISBN 0-87040-974-3
Books I would recommend:
by Kunihiki Kasahara, Japan Publications. ISBN 0-87040-383-4
A classic. If you like animals, this one is for you. Kasahara will introduce you to the principles behind  the folds and forms. Get ready to design your own animals. A favorite is a snowhite fabric owl  made from a design in this book. Clear instructions make this good for beginners, too, but some models made be frustrating for beginners even with good instructions. 
This is the book that is responsible for making so many workshop participants happy. It features  boxes with so many variations on a single fold pattern. Basic square, hexagonal and triangular boxes  are skillfully diagrammed and easy to follow. If you need boxes, whether fabric or paper, this is a  must on a  book shelf.if you can find it in print....
This page is still.always under construction as new books are added .  Please check back for the finished page with book cover pics and descriptions.  New books/kits may be added occassionally as well.  Thank You. 
Complete Origami, Eric Kenneway    "A unique collection of origami facts, anecdotes & techniques.  An A-Z of facts & folds with step-by-step instructions for over 100 projects.  An essential source book for all origami enthusiasts - whatever their age or level of skill."
Fabulous Origami Boxes  
Tomoko Fuse. 
"This delightful book is entirely devoted to the creation of origami boxes - plain or fancy, playful or practical, and elaborate boxes topped with cranes, butterflies, lilies, stars, and more. 
Tomoko Fuse is a respected member of Origami USA, the British Origami Assoc. & the Japan Origami Assoc. 
North American Animals in Origami    John Montroll
...new collection of North American birds & mammals, plus a smattering of associated plants.  In addition the book features four projects by noted Japanese artist & engineer Fumiaki Kawahata. 
Instructions are clear, detailed, & easy to follow for both the new artist & the origami veteran.  Pictures of completed projects accompany each set of instructions.  It's a safari of North America! 
Essential Origami  Steve & Megumi Biddle   In addition to more than 1000 (yes 1000) step-by-step illustrations, this book, contains helpful paper-folding tips, noteworthy trivia & fascinating explanations that illuminate the worlds of both ancient & contemporary origami. A compendium to delight the novice & the expert (for sure!  - personal comment!) This book is truly awesome and challenging at times!!! my comment!
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Classic Origami, P.D. Tuyen
From this book you can make a "wonderful array of animals. It is a vibrantly colored introduction to the ancient art of origami.  Through a sequence of dols, without cutting or gluing, you'll make more than two dozen figures based on ten basic forms. Step-by-Step instructions walk you though each fold as you will quickly discover & enjoy the timeless artistry that lies withing the beauty & satisfaction of creating striking forms in origami.
"I like this book and the figures offered!" RedHeadtiger
Many wonderful online Origami Websites have a listing of  good origami books:   Places to start below:

John Montroll's    
David Mitchell's  
Edward Crankshaw's...
David Brill 
Florence Temko
Tomoko Fuse
Kunihiki Kasahara
Hiromi Hayashi
Makoto Yamaguchi
Ken Blackburn 
and many more...

* Take a seat & start reading this extensive list!    

Browse this listing! 
Worth having!  
Another GOOD Listing         

Order Origami Books:
Peter Engel
                        This is a most
                        interesting book.
                         Peter explains                             some of the                                mystery behind

folding.   And the first 80+ pages are full of history,  creators and creations in origami, that is interesting and worth reading. Plus there are some great models here to fold!
The Complete Book of Origami by Robert Lang

Even a simple search of Origami Books will lead you to Lang.   This book is really fun too. For anyone looking for "moving" models you will appreciate Robert's efforts here.  There are 3-D models, easy models, action models, and a good selection  of advanced models.   I would rate this one with my favorites ( a list that keeps growing).
A personal note on books and origami.  There are many wonderful Origamists and writers of books on origami.  Online you can find fantastic websites with galleries, instructions, and  lists of books on origami.    I can't begin to list all the wonderful books for beginners to advanced folders.  Here I list books I have and like, &  links to more book listings.        I fold for pleasure and fun.   It is an artform that I love to introduce to others, children and adults alike. More big bookstores are including more books on origami in their crafts or arts section.  Ask about them.
                                 Origami a                                     boxed pack                                   including                                       an                                                instruction                                    book and                                      paper) from Barnes and Noble
.                              This beautiful kit introduces the ancient art of Japanese paper sculpture, featuring a 96 page instruction book describing 25 projects and 80 sheets of colored paper. The project models are shown folded in the papers included in the kit which is very nice.   Author:    David Mitchell
Vicente Palacios
Origami From
Around The
World  Inside
this treasury you will
find 104 unusual
origami projects with
an international
flavor. Easy instructions
& diagrams allow
folders of all levels to
complete these models.  My disappointment with this book was a lesson learned. Whether by mistake or just how it is, the cat pictured on the cover is not included in the book.  It is a great book! But always look through a book, at the index, how the instructions are shown, etc. before buying, so as not to be disappointed. 
                                Even in
                                Japanese, a
                                folder can
                                folds the many
                                simple & more
                                complex                                          origami in this

book.  The book includes a wonderful assortment of animals, flowers, gifts, boxes, toys, stationery and much more!   Purchased in Little Tokyo LA this has become a favorite of mine - especially when folding for children!
John Montroll &
Robert Lang
Origami Sea Life
The book cover says
it all  "truly elegant
work".  and "some
of the most creative origami published to date."  There are 38 unusual, fantastic, awesome models in this volume.   Beginner and expert will finds hours of creative folding here!  This book includes a summary of the history of origami sea life.  This information is well presented & adds to this experience.  Also included the types of paper & techniques of "wet folding" make this book indispensble for folders, I agree!
A Book - Almost A
Magazine This one
includes the simple
models for beginners
fantasy, sealife,
models for
decorating, gifts, &
includes ideas
using different
papers & techniques.
The beginner or advanced folder will enjoy the variety and unique ideas in this book.
Athough in Japanese, most moderately adept folders will easily follow the instructions an diagrams to complete these projects.  Really fun folding!
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      Vroman's Display
For someone interested in folding airplanes... these books are very good.
Fold Them,  Fly Them!.
For beginner folders:   Origami "comes" easier to some than others.  But I have seen beginners who fumble, become wonderful folders, & shy or timid folders overcome their shyness & excel at origami.   Have patience, start with simple models at first. 
See:  Dover Publications: 
A Note About Buying Books:
If you are "new" to origami. Check your library for books.   Complete Origami, Basic Origami,  Essential Origami (I like the way this author lays out the chapters & folding), Origami (by Mitchell) are all good books for a first purchase.   Going online to fold -  is a great  idea at first!.  Get a little practice with bases & folding, then go to pick your books. Online, check out the listings I show above.  In person, look throught the index & the entire book!     Consider buying used, I have had good results & found great books, & I can afford more buying used! Have a question? E-Mail Origami Designs.  Shop Amazon.com all 584 titles!
How many is too many books?   "You can't have too many books on oigami!   If you do, share!"  OD.com
Note: from these lists & my page here you can see the names of prominent origami book authors. Shop Amazon or your local bookstore  They can order what you need.
Techniques,examples, & projects to stimulate, entertain & delight! Yes this book is that! Detailed advice on choosing paper, base folds, & advanced techniques. Over 80 projects to fold: traditional, animals & flowers, toys, games, action models, party tricks, decorative pieces & modular origami. Also included is a feature gallery of some of the most highly regarded contemporary origamists! Over 1500 color photographs.   This book is a great NEW book!  I was thrilled to find it, it is not a book you put down, but a book you use & treasure!  I went looking at Amazon & found other titles to be published by this author.  (july 2003 release date & I found it -hardbound copy - on a bargain book table - but worth full price  for sure!  Try Ebay for this
Featuring dozens of flower designs, simple step-by-step instructions, & over 80 colorful pictures, this book is all that one needs to create a charming garden full of stunning flowers. ...is a truly original book that combines innovative paper crafting with the beauty of flowers. Both children & adults will enjoy this gorgeous new book full of dozens of easy-to-create flowers.
This book is new to my collection 8/03 I am grateful to sites online where I can find diagrams & directions. But I also believe in buying book. At first glance I am impressed & anxious to fold all her designs. I read reviews pro & con (difficult to follow, misnumbered folds etc) of this book.  I will have to make my own review later. Certainly the array & variety of flowers is available in this book...
The Art of Origami, Samuel Randlett, 1961 
Here is a book I'd like to get:
Most of the models presented in this book are fairly simple, but it  contains a most impressive collection of  information about the history, types, and uses for origami.
  It also contains some great pictures of origamists and their creations.

GO to this website:   http://www.origami.cz/
CHECK out the Literatura page, you might want to get one of these books!!!
As I can, I'm adding more books to my personal library.  Try Amazon & do consider new & used.  Click on the book's picture to learn more about it.  This one gets a 5* review from many & I agree completely.  It is a book for the advanced paperfolder. "Groundbreaking in concept & challenging in content, it presetns sixty-five projects by respected masters in a variety of themes & origami genres".  YES!! This book does "inspire the folder". And it include keys to help master intricuate techniques and more complex paper folds!   
For Papers and Supplies Check Out  Hanko's Designs
Origami Papers & Kits, Blicks
page is a great place to start!
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More Origami Books in my Library: .Check back for descriptions and personal notes on these books...
Extreme Origami, Love this book!.
This book is unreal, and I will build one!
Teachers and educators, I really recommend getting Math In Motion and using it!
I found some of these models in other books, but I  like this book!....
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