About the Artist:  

As a little girl of ten I was given my first book of 
Origami and How to Fold.    "I did not know 
another child in  my small mid-western town who 
folded paper .  Maybe I was on  the "cutting edge"
of personal  artistic growth & didn't realize it 
at the time.    This book is a treasure that still 
sits on my  origami library bookshelf  in my studio.  

I will confess that I  enjoyed  folding 
as a novelty & artform as a child,... & would later 
as a teenager find it helpful to entertain children while
babysitting.       "I folded for fun & pleasure, off and on 
during my adult years, but it was  25 years ago when I had 
more "adult time", that I again turned to the paper folding as an 
enjoyable artform,  activity & new career.   I was working in the 
TV and film industry, folding in "off set" time, folding for the 
"props" departments, folding to make "extra income"....leaving the 
set with my pockets full of folded models.

The world is folding now.      Bookstores, libraries, EBay, and Amazon.com are now carrying many wondeful books on Origami. You will see origami in commercials, advertising. classrooms, and clubs.     Origami is no longer 'just' the hobby of  children, but something enjoyed by the young and old, novice and master alike around the world."    It has become recognized as a valuable tool in education and therapy and more!  I am a member of Origami USA and the British Origami Society - that helps keep me in touch with folders and folding around the world.

As an artist I am always experimenting with new ways to share and display  these origami creations.    "It has color, texture, dimension, -  it is simple or complex, it is fragile & it is sturdy, it is thought provoking and challenging to the imagination!    It is theraputic at times,  it is relaxing - origami is creative and beautiful.  

"Some artists capture a memory with a camera, some paint with  the brush & colors, some sculpt with their hands - in clay, rock, or even wire....    An Origamist sculpts with paper,  our papers have colors and textures.   We start with flat paper and transform it."

It is an art form I can carry with me and easily share with others, young and old alike.   I  create things of interest or beauty,  and in return,  the smiles and joy of the viewer  is a gift & treasure to me as an artist!    I create unique, one of a kind, 1001 crane artworks,  for clients worldwide.  I fold for personal enjoyment, I  fold to share the art form. "   BT

Why Origami Designs?         For those who might fold one animal or unit item, or even crane in a lifetime but wish to have  a piece of this beautiful art form in their lives,  I fold! "    For those just interested in knowing more about this wonderful art and how to get started themselves, I have Origami Designs   - a small peek into a beautiful world of  Paper Folding.  It is a world of puzzles, art, math,  and creativity that feeds my soul    *S*

About the artist:
Ms. Turner is a college graduate, mother, wife, business woman,  & origami artist,  living in Southern Oregon and working from her studio there.   Favorite interests, involvements,  outdoor & creative pursuits  occupy my "non folding " moments and I  share this space with friends, and folder,  one lifesize but quiet cow . a stunning steel dragon, and one rather illusive cat.       
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*   A Note About Origami Designs:   
 I fold traditional items that I offer here.  I love to share this art form.    I receive no financial benefits from other websites I link to or recommend, or to the books that I have and those I recommend, for those wishing to know more about origami.  

     I do sell my origami creations.  I enjoy and wish to do more consulting and special projects: TV, films, advertising, concerts and stage decorations.  If you have "seen something somewhere" and want it -  you can email me.   Traditional designs are easily folded and available.   Specific folding or designs from other origamists are not available without the folders permission.   In these case I will always consult the artist for permission and advise a client -- before  continuing to take the order and commence folding.  

     I do not have a diagrams or models section here at my site. Though  I do invent some of my own folded designs and adapt models,  there are many excellent sites and books for those looking for diagrams or instructions.   I have been known to help find a model or diagram or refer someone to a site when they are desperate for that model of a snail or dragon etc.   Please check my Books  or    Folds For Fun pages for links.   With You Tube, anyone can see, watch, and learn to fold!

       I hope to add my voice to those who also enjoy this art form, to encourage more people to try their hand at folding, and to bring visibility to the  benefits of folding for fun , and  the benefits of origami when used in education & therapy.                   

 All webpages at.www.origamidesigns.com and photos of my work,  &  of my origami and artworks are Copyright to OrigamiDesigns.com 1987 - 2022
.Above  a 1001 origami crane mandala
I fold  in private, public, hospitals,  church,  the doctors office, at the lake,  in the park, ... 
and often i am then "sharing" 
the artform, and the process
and the story of Sadako,
or the math involved in the
creases and angles.

I display the origami in 
storefront display windows,
Library display cases, 
corporate office walls, 
airports, & hospitals,
colleges and retirements homes.

Above is a sample of work displayed at a 
Gallery showing.