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OrigamiDesign trees are so special.  Order early!
All red origami with flowers & berries is beautiful!
The white trees comes with beautiful white cranes, snowflakes and white Christmas flowers!
Done in Silver Foil origami models with lights this is fabulous!
Our multi-color selection of origami is more impressive in reallife!
White Glitter
Gold Foils
Red & Foils
Silver Foils
Origami  Designs
This page was last updated on: November 7, 2017
HOLIDAY Origami: Origami Tree ornaments/decorations.  Package choice below.    
Small Trees w/origami available also.
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I have decorated trees for companies, hotels, libraries, TV, Banks, and homes over the years.   Decorations for a tree must now be booked by August and confirmed by email with Origami Designs for mail orders.  

Origami Designs continues its transformation.   My work  shifted in scope and direction in 2010.  If you ordered or saw a page on the website that you cannot find now, check the site map.  If the page is listed there, it might be available still for viewing  -but not active.  Just send an email request to view that page.  email: barbarat@origamidesigns.com

In 2018 Origami Designs will be concentrating on larger design works and commissioned projects in coming year .  I will continue the work with mosaics and larger mosaics or sculptural artworks involving origami.   The mosaics are not "just for weddings"  or "celebrations," and designs will be aimed at a larger market for wall art in Institutions, architectual buildings, offices, hotels and the like.  If you are interested in such a design or commissioned work contact Origami Designs.com by email above.

Two projects for publishing are still in progress.  The studio,  finished in the spring of 2009, is in use for groups, workshops, clients, and more,  These events are by appointment as the work schedule for studio work permits.  
I  am available for Motivational Speaking engagements, workshops, corporate seminars, projects for TV, film,  & other similar endeavors with origami designs work.

In 2018 my volunteer work with the origami  in education &  health care, for young and old, will be less, but I still consider each opportunity on a "can due if time allows" basis.  

In order to do this I must discontinue some offerings of floral arrangements, money folding, and other origami offerings  - except by special arrangement and only as time permits.    If you have ordered in the past, thank you.   If you wish to inquire about something special please feel free to email: barbarat@origamidesigns.com  I still love designing custom centerpieces, bouquets, and projects.  I do accept orders for these as time permits!
Ordering?: Packets of origami ornaments for trees should be ordered  by or before August 15, 2017 for 2017 Christmas.
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