The  A S C
an enjoyable
event on
September 25th, 2005

Nine artists` by invitation` were given a stage for display & performance.

When the lights were dimmed, and the festivities were in full swing each stage had it's own ambience.
      Below are photos of Origami Designs stage while setup progressed before the start of the event.
      I want to thank the ASC and staff for making this an enjoyable event for Origami Designs!!.
      To all who stopped by to chat, watch, fold, and learn more about this wonderful organization, and about Origami art, we thank you!
      If you stopped by and wish more information or have photos to share with us, please feel free to email me and send the photos along to
Ok, this one was taken while I was working hard on setup.  That's not a line in my head but a bamboo pole across the kimono stand...
real life, reality photos!
Closeup:   Offered for silent auction by Origami Designs, the lovely basket full of origami goodies valued at $200.00!.
SetUp is fun but hard work before the 5hr event!
Donating to the auction is a pleasure:  Origami Designs offered three items. The wonderful miniature holiday tree, decorated with miniature origami!.  The basket you see above & at right, with papers, origami models, & gift items, 2 free private lessons and more!  Last the origami 2hour workshop for adults or childrens, group with materials supplied to the winner of the this item! 
    Photos were taken "on the fly" by my setup helper, literally when she could get me to stand still long enough, before the start of the event.      Thank You to Kelly for all her work and efforts!