Each crane has 26 folds and there are 1001 cranes.  "According to Japanese lore, folding one thousand Origami cranes is truly a labor of love. Tradition holds that the bride & groom who finishes this task, called SENBAZURU, before the wedding day will be richly rewarded with a good and happy marriage. Paying homage to the majestic crane, which mates for life and is said to live one thousand years, ensures their own good fortune.

Whether you choose a modern design or tradition design, your  artwork will be uniquely yours.

Origami Designs  will accept orders for
artworks of less than 1001 cranes.
Ask  about the options for your design. 
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History of Using 1,001 Origami Tsuru

The tradition that exists in Hawaii of using 1,001 origami tsuru is a variation of a tradition that was begun in Japan shortly after the end of World War II. The original tradition, which is commonly known as '1000 Tsuru for Peace' started when a hospitalized Japanese child began folding 1,000 origami tsuru and said a prayer after finishing each bird. For her patience and perseverance in folding 1,000 origami tsuru and praying after each, she was told she would be rewarded with health, happiness, longevity, and good luck. In addition to wishing for her health, the child --named Sadako --also prayed for eternal peace among nations.

Making a crane mosaic or artwork such as above, an image, language character, or scene are created with placement of the 1,001 origami tsuru. The direction & depth of each individual origami tsuru adds to the texture & pattern that is desired with the final design. Each origami tsuru creation is individual, and made specifically for the commissioning client by Origami Designs.  

Origami Designs can fold your cranes (which will be figured into the cost of the finished work) or you can fold your cranes and ship them to us.    Origami Designs can fold the cranes and needs  6 months to fold them. before starting work on the artwork.  1001 folded cranes for the mosaic can be purchased for $400.00 in gold or silver, $500.00 for red.

The Origami cranes are mounted on black suede  or other  (red,green, white, gold, silver, or blue)  custom suede mat board and  framed.  Each work is a labor of love made special for the client.   In making each Tsuru  design we hope and strive to capture the spirit & wonder of the design,  the love expressed by the couple enjoying this work,  & their wedding, - that seals and celebrates this love.

DESIGNS for these beautiful artworks are meant to be displayed at wedding receptions, and hung in the home for a lifetime.
Mosaics are also often given as gifts by the family on a birthday, anniversary, or commenorating a most special occasion.  
Celebratory or not, they are unique and impressive as artworks to hang in home or office!


 Family Crests      Zodiac

 Fans          Koi  
Dragons                                 Kimonos 
Swans                                      Cranes
Tigers                                    Kanji
   Eagle                              Rabbit 

Cherry Blossoms
  Custom Designs on
Japanese   or
 Asian Themes  
 Kanji Calligraphy
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For information about how to order your own custom mosaic, or have your family crest done for you, please email us by clicking below, call ,or write, to Origami Designs.      These pieces are labor intensive and so we ask that you plan to confirm your order 90 days in advance of delivery to allow us time to  receive your cranes, complete the design, and ship to you. 
       You can order your piece on black  or other color (red, gold, blue, fabric,  or another special color) depending on the design.     Traditionally these works are framed in black simple but elegant looking frame (gold inserts available at additional costs)  and it includes  the cost for the framer to do the work.   The cost of shipping will be quoted and included in your order  for the final total of the piece.  
         We will discuss and supply the design for approval, or you may send us your desired design and preferences, to request a quote.   Normally gold  or silver foil cranes are used, but other custom designs might include red or silver, blue, and green,  foil  papers for the cranes.                      
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               Rush Orders Available by special  arrangement , 
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